Friday, March 19, 2010


Today I had a day off. These no longer happen very often. Generally I work 6 days in a row, often three of them being 10-13 hour days and the others a bit shorter, but I have to say the shorter ones don't generally seem to give me any extra time.

I've shared my challenges with my schedule lately so I won't go into it now but to say I lazed about today without really gaining rest.

At 3:30pm I finally found myself out and about picking up groceries so Wally and I could get to the gym tomorrow before going out of town to look for a car before me going into work.

I had a good conversation with Dee yesterday about nutrition and foods we should be eating. Nothing he told me was new but for some reason I am ready to try new things like egg whites from a box, and soy milk. All the things we could never afford before really.

So I decided today when grocery shopping I'd be perfectly good and get 'clean' foods only and try and come home and prep everything the best I could. I did well at the grocery store, however I did not get inspired to 'prep' until around 9pm when I was completely exhausted.

Anyways, I had gone online earlier in the day and found a vegetarian chili recipe to try and then I organized and cleaned out our freezers. Boy did that feel good! That alone made me feel clean.

I learned I had stashed away too much bacon in the freezer. A pound of it frozen in one piece and another pound that I had frozen in sections of two portions each. Needless to say, bacon's not on the new menu, at least not as a staple item (like it used to be). Also found 3 separated pounds of ground beef. Another ting we're trying to move away from (as a staple anyway).

I think I will find ways to incorporate these things in meals when or if we ever have company over or go to a potluck sometime. Normally I wouldn't care and both Wally and I would go about eating the same old things but this time I really want to feel what it's like to eat as great as we can. And right now we can so why not.

Once I was done that I realized we really did not need 2 freezers but oh well right? I took out a few items that had been in there too long. Some I threw out, some I decided to cook up and then separate to make for easy healthy meals later, as we don't often get to eat supper together anymore.


The good kind of sighs, like that of breathing in fresh air. That's how I feel. Like I have opened a window of a new life and right now I have a choice as to whether or not I would like to bask in it, get out of the house and experience it along with the world it offers, or shut the window.

Right now I'm basking.

I'm still amazed at how little the pull towards crappy food is. Today at Walmart I barely noticed the Easter candy and when Wally mentioned going out for dinner I felt it more of a burden than a gift (as we wouldn't have been going to a four start restaurant that would serve healthy food).

This is all new to me and I hope it only gets stronger. I certainly don't plan on becoming a food snob, nor do I plan to become obsessed with it. I have just always desired to become the best I could be in this area, but so far it's only been a dream. I still can't believe I have a personal trainer - THAT'S A MAN!!!

There's so much more I could say but I am completely exhausted and truly just wanting a week long hiatus from work but life continues tomorrow....

Whoever's with me, thank you for stickin' around. I like knowing someone is listening ... or reading. Makes me feel ... not so alone :)