Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My favourite ugly chair

Ok so my last post seemed kind of like a downer so I thought I'd throw in a more positive one to balance it out.

I have this chair.

I got it when my grandmother passed away (the one I've written about in the past that my family and myself cared for until she died).

It is a large, deep, brown tweed sitting chair that just sits.

I'm guessing it was bought in the sixties and was part of a set. (I had the couch but when we moved to the apartment we had to get rid of it). I kept the chair because it is just so comfortable.

In our new house, after first moving in, it sat near the fireplace at the far end of the room away from the window.

We have our living room painted a rather dark colour so without the light from the window some areas aren't conducive to great reading. I love the chair for reading.

Well last week the matching love seat that goes with our couch got dropped off. I was really excited because I hate it when things are left 'in the air'. I worry that the company is going to rip us off, that when it comes it'll be damaged, or that the colours won't match (wow I sound like such a priss, I probly am).

Any woo I was glad when the waiting was over and for the first time ever we would have new matching furniture to sit on.

My favourite chair (by the way, NOT it's appearance) was moved to a spot right in front of the window.

Let me tell you, I had no idea how much my perspective on the room, the chair and my life could change JUST by moving my favourite chair.

Since the big move I have enjoyed, what seems to be a new oasis just for me.

Monday, as the sun came up, I enjoyed reading with a cup of tea. I noticed the beautiful light, the fact that I felt warm (physically and emotionally) and just hugged my everything.

I have since began to use this space (with the help of Wally's old laptop) as my blogging spot, e-mail area, and information absorbing centre.

When I want to get away from the media I just flip down the laptop lid and put it out of sight. It's amazing!!

It helps that Wally and I have never been ones to like having our tv and stuff in our main living room. Even in our former little home that did not have an unfinished basement we used one of our spares as a little tv room.

We have been fortunate to have the extra spaces, though even when we didn't we had specifically bought a GIANT tv armoire to hide our media when company was over.

I could totally write an essay on perspective changing, how simple it can be, how freeing and life changing as well, in regards to moving my favourite, rather unattractive, chair around. But I'm not in the mood.

I just wanted to share my excitement over a little thing that is making a big difference.

I love my tweed, brown, ugly-to-the-eye chair.

It hugs me every time I sit in it.

For some reason I don't mind it's hugs :)

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