Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Oh wow. I can't even describe in words how many balls I feel are in the air right now.

Maybe it's all in my head. Maybe it's all of my own doing but they are there and seem very ready to crash down on me (hopefully their nerf balls).

Unfortunately none of the pieces seem to be from the same puzzle!

Last night Wally had found some links on government statuses regarding safety traveling abroad. Where we're going has the highest level of caution and the government asks travelers not to go there unessentially. Of course this sparked one of many great debates over this trip.

We went to bed disappointed in eachother and neither of us slept all that well.

Lucky for me I had amazing contacts where we are going that both replied immediately to my questions of concern and completely eased my fears (hopefully Wally's too).

I have to be honest, being so opposite is a challenge most of the time. Thankfully as much of the time we seem to work through it (not without a few things being strewn about on my part - it helps to throw things I tell you!).

Wally just texted me about the fact that we need to buy fanny packs to keep our precious documents while we're traveling. Apparently this is now a condition on us going.

I simply replied no and when he asked where I'd put my stuff I said 'In my bra, there's tonnes of room in there'.

Of course I am glad that Wally is so detail oriented. It will probably keep me out of jail while we're there (I'm not even kidding).

Other fun (being sarcastic) aspects of our trip I've been challenged by are comments from the workplace peanut gallery. Well, only one peanut I guess.

I had someone I work with ask me yesterday how my trip had been. I told her I hadn't gone yet. She asked how long I'd be away. I said '12 days'.

She retorted 'Is that long enough to save the world?' *snort*

If it wasn't for the fact that she's several months pregnant I'd had probably tried to push her over the 2 story balcony we were on (oh, and because she could likely crush me with her big toe).

I had to let the stuff some people say go because she is also someone who said in the same conversation 'I have this friend who thinks she needs 2 days off in a row every week. Psst.' Then stared me down. Clearly she knows I'm one of those people. Clearly I didn't care because I confirmed her suspicions by saying 'I'm one of those!' She then went on to complain about her work schedule.

Other trip fun ...

I am yet to find a dog sitter for the final week we are away. By dogs aren't bad but there are two of them and outside of their natural environment (except for 'Grandma's') their behaviour is questionable. Sour gets stressed out. Which I don't really care too much about except that it alters his 'functions' if you get my drift.

After going through my summer wardrobe I realized I'm a hussy. Ok not really. I just noticed that my required modest attire would need to be acquired. My t-shirts are likely too snug and I don't seem to have many of them. I'm wondering if I gave away half my summer wardrobe in the fall. I tend to get into a rip and begin giving the needy most of what I own just because I like getting rid of stuff. (And no, it's not because I like buying new clothes, in fact I hate clothes shopping).

Something else to hash out is how we're getting to the airport. Is it cheaper to stay the night before in a hotel that gives free parking while you're away and gives you a ride to the airport? Should we take a travel van there and back? Do we just drive ourselves and pay big bucks to leave our car? We don't know of anyone that would drive us. Well, we havent' asked but to be honest don't know anyone that seems like they'd want to make that commitment.

There's also the planning of our 2 1/2 days in Bangkok. What to do? Where to stay? How much?

Wally and I are hoping that we'll figure out all of our trip stuff this weekend as we're going NEXT weekend (WOW!!).

My head is swirling and that's only the trip stuff.

Other things on my mind:

* my parents are staying for 2 nights at our place while we're gone and my dad is doing some fix ups - we need to decide on some of the materials and pick them up before we go.

* Wally just looked at our bank account and noticed we're in the negatives. (This doesn't include our little savings account but still...). I have no idea what happened and am glad we both get paid soon. We need to make a budget on paper because it's disappearing and I have no idea where (we're not overly extravagant spenders - meaning we PLAN our spending). We'll figure it out, I'm generally a genius with penny pinching (yes I'm ok with being cocky about that).

* Our computer desk looks like our filing cabinet threw up.

*It's income tax time. This is actually how we're paying for our trip. We're praying and expecting a return that should not only cover the trip but also to make some essential home purchases for the spring (lawnmower, BBQ - yes the BBQ is essential). I hate gathering the paper work and pray that our taxes are done before we go away.

* Recently I finished my 'Clean Eating Classes' that were supposed to raise fund for Compasio. 3 of the people that came EVERY WEEK have seemed not to get the paying part of the class. They are great and I explained things several times (in terms of money) but so far nothing :(

* I think my sitemeter's broken and the cheques being sent aren't being applied to the meter. This makes me sad even though it's not a huge deal or shouldn't be. It keeping be aspiring. I need to relax.

So I just spent a whole lot of time complaining. I could go on, because I'm gifted that way. I won't win awards for being positive or overly generous today, but I don't really care right now. I just want to make it through my week and take some time to breath.


tessa said...

My helpful advice for what it is worth - stay at the hotel and leave your vehicle, it is worth the money to not worry about snowstorms, who will drive us etc. Recently we stayed at the Comfort Inn - not fancy but clean and they shuttle you to and from the airport very efficiently. As for your valuables, you do need some sort of money belt to wear, highly recommended and you can pick them up at any CAA or luggage store, they fit under your clothes and not an issue.
The pooches, I would consider taking them as I am taking some of that time off as well since my daughter is here from Vancouver. I am concerned about having them run free through my house when I am not home but you know I love them and would care for them like my own.
RELAX! You are making me overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

if you do decide to park and fly be careful driving home. It's a fairly decent drive and you'll be tired from travel and time change and everything else. Be safe!