Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun Times with Eva and Wally

Today held some fun times.

Not Hallmark movie times. Not write a book and make millions times. Not take a picture to remember it times. But definitely worth remembering times.

It's times like today that remind me that the little things make up the important things and most times they make all the difference in the world.

These are just a few things that happened today that made me smile (or in some cases laugh until I cried).

At one point Wally looked at my and said 'You are the best thing that ever happened to me.' He does this often. I am spoiled.

Later he looked at me very seriously and said 'Eva you are really growing as a person and shrinking as a pain in the ass.' That one made me laugh.

After breakfast I had walked by the table and looked over at Wally's dirty plate and knife he used. I noticed he had eaten 3 strawberries and placed the tops symmetrically on the knife which was set decoratively across the plate. It made me chuckle.

Another time he was laying on the couch and I bent over to give him a kiss perhaps and he pulled me in so that I fell on him. I forget what we were talking about, maybe it was the Diva cup I got as one of my gifts, but then again I think maybe it was my craving for pancakes and maple syrup. Who knows? Whatever the strange conversation was, for some reason I was saying the word Vagina and it came out Aunt Vagima. We joked about it all day. (Seriously I have no idea why those two topics would get mixed up).

Another point in the day I was coming out of the office and I think Wally was playing on the floor with the dogs. I decided I would sit on his lap but with either leg on each of his sides. He joked that this could indeed be used as a new sexual position perhaps called the 'Uncomfortable Mandarin' in reference to a sex book we got as a joke for our wedding with several strange 'positions' in it with equally strange names. (The book was rather enlightening ...)

While on the floor laughing at Wally's joke, and probably the fact that I was not only not limber enough to ever imagine myself completing the 'Flying Mandarin' in any intimate setting, but I couldn't even get up off of the floor after a low key frolic of laughter. This indeed resulted in me laughing til I cried (over and over). Both of us had to use our rather jagged moves to get 'undone'. Needless to say the interesting book mentioned earlier has been used more for comic relief in our marriage than any serious research into our intimate life. We're both ok with that.

Wally told me a few times today that I was beautiful, pretty or just amazing. I barely ever tell Wally anything complimentary. My best is a very purposeful unexpected 'I love you'. I really don't deserve him, (though I'll admit that I don't feel this way enough).

As Wally and I got into bed tonight he pulled the covers off of me and exclaimed 'Is THAT what you're wearing to bed?!' as if I'd broken every fashion law bed time had (um ... I didn't know there were rules). I said 'Yes, it's the same thing I wore to bed last night'. He was shocked at my attire. It was a pair of black spandex/cotton work out pants that are waaaaay too big around my waist and end up near my knees when I do cardio, paired with my favourite turquoise t-shirt that proudly displays my sweating problem all too often when worn during the day. Wally asked why I was wearing a perfectly good t-shirt to bed, then followed up with 'how much was it?' and 'when did you buy it?' I told him it was $5 at Old Navy last summer. Apparently this was a crime. He was astounded that I would wear a perfectly good t-shirt to bed and 'ruin' it. I said 'Well I can still wash it and wear it later, it's not a big deal'. To which he replied 'You're going to wear something you've worn to bed ... out? Gross.' 'I'll wash it first!' I proclaimed. This didn't win my case or sway him at all. Have I mentioned how different we are?

After our conversation about my bed time attire came to a close Wally had a flash of concern. 'Are you sneaking out to meet some hot guy to workout with?' I didn't dignify him with a response. Instead I snuck out to ... write this entry.

Not exactly a hot guy but definitely his competition some days.

I love you Wally.


Amanda said...

This is the cutest post I've read in a long time!

Anonymous said...

I love this post Eva! I think because without saying "this is marriage", that's what you've done. So many people think marriage is a huge, earth shattering, crazy, romantic ride... Yet in my mind, I think THIS is what marriage is all about! It's the little moments, the laughing so hard that your sides hurt, the shared jokes, and all the rest that makes me understand why I chose to spend the rest of my life with my husband.

I'm glad you love Wally. Enjoy the sweet times. I just read the post again, and I'm still smiling. Yup! That's why I'm married.

Bex :)