Thursday, May 6, 2010

#33 - 100 Things you should know about me - Part 3

51. I keep phone messages that make me feel warm inside and happy. Currently I am saving a message from my birthday of my mom singing happy birthday to me (that' means a lot to me). And a message from my most favourite house keeping client who phoned to say she couldn't make it to the party because they were out of the country (I just love her!).

52. I feel like I have a soul connection with Sweet (my oldest dog) - I may have mentioned this, someone tell me if I have.

53. This year I bought myself the perfect birthday card and wrote myself a great note inside.

54. I notice everything around me, yet you could colour your hair and I wouldn't see it.

55. The average phone conversation I have with my mom is 3 minutes long every week or two. I love her.

56. I find it incredibly insane that the world puts so much faith in traffics lights and colourful signs.

57. When I was growing up a fat kid, the thing I would wish on every birthday, every star, every 'wish chip' (how appropriate), was to be thin and beautiful.

58. I still remember the first time I was called 'fat' by another kid ... I was 5 years old and had no idea what it meant.

59. I'm a chocolate maker - yummy, yummy ones too. In fact those I worked for whom I shared them with at Christmas couldn't figure out why I didn't sell them as a business venture.

60. I'd love to back pack across Europe - but only with someone who knew what they were doing. (Clearly this would not be something I'd do with Wally - no offense to him).

61. I love thunderstorms.

62. 9 times out of 10 I'm quiet because I'm thinking. The other time I'm trying my best to behave (Wally wishes these numbers were reversed).

63. My favourite season is fall, by a mile. Then spring, then winter, then summer. I hate sweating (as you may remember I have issues with sweat).

64. I love asking questions but don't always need the answers, I wish others understood this.

65. I think people, no matter who they are, just want to be understood and accepted.

66. I'm not someone who feels overly 'called' into my profession. I just kinda stumbled on it and most of the time am quite ok with that.

67. For me the hardest part about selling our house was giving up on a comfortable dream.

68. I work in a profession that allows me to be amazed by the 'little things' everyday. It's amazing really.

69. Someday I want to have a hammock. And drink a Margarita in it.

70. I'm terrified to have kids.

71. I believe everyone has a story, we just don't all realize it.

72. If I could do any job in the world I would be an inspirational speaker/writer.

73. I'm astounded when someone can't identify with another person. (This is why I am working so hard to understand this wrestling thing).

74. 'Tuesdays with Morrie' was a life changing movie for me - if you haven't seen it, find it and watch!

75. I am easily distracted, yet tend to get overly focused ... odd I know.


Anonymous said...

I said this before, but I love reading these things about you. They're fun, and yet random enough to be things that I wouldn't know about you at all.

#54- I can remember what people wore or said YEARS ago, but can't remember simple things like the point of the sentence I'm saying... Very sad!

#56- I can't believe how much we trust other drivers! I was just telling someone the other night that the weird thing isn't how many accidents there are, but that there aren't more!

#57- Wish chips-ditto!

#64- Or asking questions that are completely irrelevant or unnecessary, but I just want to know the answer! It won't affect my life, but I'm interested!

I'd better get some work done, I spend way too long checking / reading / commenting on your blog!

Love Bex :O)

Anonymous said...

I have read Tuesdays with Morrie. It was really good. Try it. ;)