Thursday, May 6, 2010

#33 - 100 Things you should know about me - Part 4

76. I'm claustrophobic. If Wally and I are in bed and he leans over to kiss me good night and the covers are over my arms I begin to have a panic attack.

77. I've only really hyperventilated once in my life - it was when someone questioned my integrity.

78. I think that if I let loose I'd become a purse and shoe addict - I'm going to hang on tight.

79. I like holding people's hands.

80. In my intimate life, I'm conservative. (I did not define 'intimate', so don't blame me for where ever your mind is going!)

81. I hate seeing my answering machine light flashing - it makes my heart pound faster.

82. I secretly wish that someone would discover my blog and offer me a book deal or weekly newspaper column.

83. My doppelganger is Tina Fey. I'm ok with that.

84. I sucked my thumb until I was 11 years old - that's why my front two teeth are crooked.

85. I really dislike when people are jealous of each other - I wish I had your hair...

86. I think I could make a great living of meeting people for coffee (even though I don't drink it).

87. I'm starting to think I should create new and interesting challenges for myself to learn from and write about after this forty days.

88. I really notice people who live differently and try to be surrounded by them.

89. If you could get children when they were 4 years old I'd have 12 kids by now.

90. Every once in a while I'm a little sarcastic ... just sometimes though.

91. I often forget where I park my car ... even when I'm at home (yes it's possible).

92. I think all men should experience a 'monthly visitor' the way women do.

93. My first massage was life changing. Now Wally asks if I need a ride home after when I get one.

94. My body shape is that of a pear ... that have been bowled over by a rolling pin.

95. I would love to get laser eye surgery but I've been told my eyes may not be good candidates - they were disappointed.

96. I am excited to see all of the rest of the big dreams that are hiding inside of me.

97. I am pretty sure song #6 on every CD is always good.

98. I really want to smoke a pipe someday (I love the smell of tobacco), but I'm sure if I ever do I will puke my guts out.

99. I learn best from making mistakes.

100. In the past few months I have been told I am 'so cute', 'so funny' and 'hilarious' more times than I can count, from several different people. I'm trying to deal with this in the most non cute, non funny, unhilarious way possible, but when I try I usually get told how cute I am.

I don't know about you but I'm already sick of me!


trainspotter said...

#98 I've smoked a pipe... loved it despite the following gag reflex.
#99 I also learn best from my mistakes...see #98.

Stacy said...

I also have panic attacks due to feeling claustrophobic. Occasionally they are so intense that I strike out at my partner. I'm working on it.