Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#33 - 100 Things you should know about me - Part 2

The list goes on...

26. I eat the crusts on a loaf of bread (don't like wasting).

27. I never grow my nails long or paint them as when I was growing up I had to have them short and clean for playing piano.

28. I have an unhealthy love for black children, not in an inappropriate way. Wally accuses me of being racist about my own race.

29. In the past 8 months I have turned into an absolute slob.

30. I have an unusually keen sense of smell that I resented today.

31. I so badly want to take a homeless person out for lunch and just hear their story - one day maybe.

32. I hate it when people say they want to read my blog but just really want to read my 'list' or what I may write about them.

33. I apparently have several 'twins' in the world (which technically then would be multiples, yikes!), as I often have people say to me while I'm talking with them 'I'm sorry, it's hard for me to concentrate you look soooooo much like (insert relation) it's uncanny.'

34. I love flannel pj's but do to where I am currently living I cannot wear them :) (Well I could but I'd have a heat stroke).

35. I get seriously anxious when I go into Walmart on a Saturday morning with a list. I need to use self-talk to get me through it.

36. I believe in celebrating my birthday every year (though this year's day has gone by I will celebrate it eventually).

37. I hate when people use the words 'eventually' and 'someday'.

38. I've never had a desire to do drugs or drink too much .... until I started to work in the field I'm in.

39. Sometimes I worry that I'm a man trapped in a woman's body.

40. I hate buffets.

41. The older I get the less I know for sure.

42. I'm in mad love with my duvet.

43. I like cherry coke.

44. I don't believe men should be allowed to wear jogging pants or sleeveless shirts in public, and women should have never been introduced to spandex.

45. I used to judge divorced people - now I respect an honest divorced person alot more than a person married for years in a dishonest relationship.

46. I find water, lakes, and oceans mysterious.

47. Sometimes I seriously question my own sanity, other times I have no doubt.

48. Though it may inconvenience me when someone I support refuses to do what I want - deep down I take an element of joy out of it, as it shows me they have a will and preferences.

49. I have terrible circulation.

50. I think I may hate cooking.


Anonymous said...

I have horrible circulation too!! ;)

I agree with numbr 44!!!! Men in jogging pants are disgusting. Who wants to see their cash 'n' prizes?? NObody. It irks me soo much!!


Anonymous said...

#26- I completely disagree! Life is too short (and it's too hard for me to get in shape) for me to eat calories I don't like! No pizza crusts either!

#45- Very interesting. The older I get the more I realize that I'm pretty judgmental and how much work there is to be done on ME! Makes it a whole lot oharder to judge others.

#48- I think I know what you mean. The fact that they assert their will may make life a little harder for you, but you're secretly proud of them...

#50- I dislike cooking (unless someone's cooking with me) but I despise cooking and then doing the dishes too! You should only have to do one or the other!