Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#33 - 100 Things you should know about me - Part 1

OK so I'm sending this one in 4 parts because seriously, like you want to read that much about me in one sitting. Or ... seriously, like I want to write that much about me in one sitting. OK probably I don't mind, but we'll do this little by little anyways...

1. Cinnamon gum is my favourite. The spicier the better. (What can I say, I'm hot).

2. I'm currently writing this while wearing an 'I Heart My Wally' (yes the word heart is actually spelled) t-shirt I made for Christmas last year, and some fun 'Cosmopolitan Queen' polka dotted panties I've just been able to started wearing due to weight loss. (First of all, who knew 13 pounds could possibly make a difference in the underwear you wear, and second of all I made no promises you actually wanted to know any of these items - I won't apologize).

3. My favourite colour is blue, the brighter the better. I think it's because when I wear contacts I get (or got) more compliments on my eyes than anything else on my body.

4. I rarely, if ever, put CD's back into their actual CD case. This drives Wally mad. Me too.

5. My parents house got hit by a tornado when I was 18, while I was in it, just me and the dog. I nearly didn't make it out unscathed (seriously a matter of seconds).

6. Though I am not a movie person, "Juno" is the closest movie I've seen that reflects my humour - I love it!

7. In the past year I have discovered how much I LOVE going to the movies by myself (usually in the middle of the afternoon, sometimes at a sketchy theatre where the floors are sticky and one man runs the whole show.) I can think more.

8. Wally and I waited to have our first 'lip kiss' until we were at the alter (I know, it's insane).

9. I have an attachment to sparkles because my aunt that passed away was always referred to as being 'the sparkle in the room'. I take the chance to wear them any time I can (though with a certain amount of caution).

10. Though I, like everyone else, have 'ugly' days, most of the time I feel beautiful (more so with make up :).

11. I am super sensitive about my permanently red nose: this makes me feel shallow (the fact that I'm sensitive about it, not that fact that it's red).

12. My first kiss happened when I was 17, on a bus, with a guy I barely knew (it was a long trip bus ride, not a city bus - that'd be REALLY bad). It was absolutely disgusting and I hated it, but hated the fact that my mom teased me that I was '16 and never been kissed' more, but it's not like I told her anyway.

13. I prefer drinking water 95% of the time. The other 5% it would be hot chocolate, or some alcohol related beverage.

14. Music totally gets me dreaming.

15. I think the last time I ever hated a job I was 12. That's a pretty good record (especially considering all the jobs I've had) - it's all in the attitude.

16. Immature adults annoy me to no end - especially if they have kids.

17. I get completely bored out of my skull during action scenes of movies. I can't stand the fight scene in the Lion King, it's just annoying.

18. If my skin wouldn't shrivel up, I would spend the entire day sitting curled up in my bath tub with the shower running on me.

19. I swear a lot these days. Not sure why I do or why I like it so much. I don't particularly find it an attractive quality in a person but it's mine for now.

20. I sometimes worry that my new outlook on life is making me vain. Gotta watch that.

21. I believe that if you own China you should make up 'special occasions' to use it.

22. I am convinced my 'meanness' is just honesty. Wally isn't. I realize I'm in denial.

23. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say 'I can't afford it'. I believe we can afford anything we want, just maybe not everything we want. You will have what you prioritize the most.

24. I'm an insomniac (I say as I've been up since 4:30am for the joy of writing).

25. I have a serious guilt complex that rears it's ugly head most in my work life and when I'm eating.

My list isn't all that exciting but it's all me. There you go!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Eva, I've REALLY enjoyed reading your list so far, I'm just a little behind in commenting.

#6- I can definitely see how you and "Juno" share the same kind of humour. I loved that movie!

#21- Love this one. Do you own China? I don't, but I still love to have special occasions that are China-worthy!

Now on to comment on your other lists:)

Love Bex