Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventure Day 24 – City Life…

Wednesday held mostly a sleepless hangover from the 13 hour night (turned into day) shift I was on the previous day. In the afternoon I had to take the bus (which I haven’t taken in a few months) to work for a mere 3 hours and came home with a pounding headache and a desire to sleep. Work went very well and I enjoyed it but when I went to wait for the bus I was a bit early and when it finally came (20 minutes later) the sprinkle that had started halfway through my wait had turned into a steady rain by the time my bus came – I actually wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t had that headache, oh well, I’m hear to tell the story!

Taking the bus again quickly reminded me of how much my life has changed and how much I have learned since moving to a city. I thought I would share some of my learnings with you…

One of the first things I had to learn was how to take the bus. Did you know that there are rules? Like don’t sit in the front, unless you are old, handicapped, pregnant, have kids or an ignorant student.

Know when to put the bell thing – too early or too late you’ll get dropped off at the wrong place.

If you are waiting at the college for a bus, be aggressive and make sure you are one of the first ones on to get a seat and a ride home.

Don’t make eye contact. Apparently people aren’t there to socialize. (Yeah, this one has a hard one for me to grasp – it seems so rude that people are always wearing their ear buds).

Many people don’t care if you hear every word of their conversation on the phone (really, did I need to hear all about your illegal activities on the weekend?)

People that read their book by the exit are annoying (and to me they’re just showing off, who can possibly read standing up on a crowded bus?)

I am seriously annoyed by people that will stand rather than sit when there are several seats available – hello, get out of the way!!

It’s always handy to know where the bus you are on is going, and where you should get off.

Other things I’ve learned since moving to the city:

If there is a left hand turn light you should always turn on it, no matter what colour it is. At least 2-3 more cars will take the left turn after the light’s gone red, feel free to try.

City people like Starbucks more than Tim Horton’s

It’s harder to find good little non-chain restaurants.

Chances are usually pretty low that you will meet someone you know at the supermarket.

Cities have more than one library.

Cities have more than one park.

Going to a mall across town instead of the one you live near seems to be a big deal to city people.

Cows are a big deal. Some people have never seen them before (in real life – weird!!)

One thing I have learned from going back to school is that when you go to the bathroom you are supposed to ask everyone within a 12 foot radius of you to join. Refusing an invite could result in strange looks and strong thoughts on your anti social bathroom behaviour (who knew going to the john was a group activity?)


Joia said...

Loved this one - it reminds me of a lot of the changes I've made as well. The bus ones reminded me of the subway in DC..

However, I thought that it has always been the "girl thing" to do, to go to the bathroom in "herds", hasn't it? =)

Eva said...

Perhaps but I hadn't had that experience since high school - I think it's ridiculous, unless of course someone needs to go!

S. said...

& you may have also learned that some buses are scarier than others! Luckily your C.H. bus is prob. one of the better ones!

Wally said...

"or an ignorant student" - I love it!

Shell Bell said...

City buses scare me...I am sure I would get lost! I'm proud of you!! I'm also proud to be a country bumpkin' :)

Eva said...

Wally what are you talking about?

Wally said...

Eva, you said:

"One of the first things I had to learn was how to take the bus. Did you know that there are rules? Like don’t sit in the front, unless you are old, handicapped, pregnant, have kids or an ignorant student."

I just thought that was particularly hilarious.

Eva said...

oh well that means A LOT coming from you :)

Anonymous said...

This was a funny, funny post! I've lived in the city my whole life and found this very insightful. I agree with Joia, I thought girls (notice I don't say women?) often did the herd bathroom thing.
And I like Timmys better because I'm cheap :)