Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventure Day 25 - #20 Welcome my new neighbours with muffins

My Thursday was one of those days that I love. The kind of day you have nothing much really planned (but a little social time with a friend) and you look forward to just getting things done around the house. I love those days.

My agenda was clear: dishes, gym, clean out the fridge and of all of the grossities that were growing inside, laundry, prepping for an upcoming interview, a hunt for doggy bags and perhaps a stab at # 20 on my list.

Well by mid morning I had half of my list complete and decided that it may be a good idea to hop into the shower after my trip to the gym and before welcoming my new neighbours, it’s only polite. I did that and was very excited to learn that I was not feeling the least bit anxious about #20. It’s so weird how doing something out of the ordinary for someone you know seems so much more difficult than doing something nice for someone you don’t know. That fact made this item a lot easier to accomplish.

In no time I had muffins ready to go and myself smelling a bit more appealing. I whipped out the door and had knocked on the door beside us before I had a chance to think about what I would even say.

Quickly the door opened and an older lady (shocking!) opened the door to greet me.
I said: ‘Hello! I’m your neighbour beside you here. My name is Eva, I just wanted to come and introduce myself.’
She told me her name was Dorothy and her husband was Jack. I then handed her the muffins and she was very surprised and then invited me in.

I have noticed that older people do this. Maybe everyone does this; I’m not sure – invites strangers in. Both Bill, and now my new neighbours, invited me in when I brought a little gift, how hospitable! Now a lot of people would notice the disarray of the not yet unpacked apartment and be courteous and say ‘Oh no, you are busy, I just wanted to say hello’, but I decided ‘Why not?’ So I entered in and met Jack, did a little chit chatting and found out where they had come from, how long they had lived in their house, that they gave up their big dog to be here, and then gave a few ideas for what to hang in their kitchen (Dot wasn’t too sure what to do – I didn’t tell her that I was the last person she should ask).

After a few minutes of some ‘get to know you’ conversation I told them that if they needed anything just to call or knock and we’d do what we could. They took that and I knew that it would be a while before they’d ever actually take us up on it, but the invite was there anyway.

All in all #20 took maybe 10 minutes (plus muffin making time), but it was so very worth it. I think the saying ‘A little goes a long way’ fits perfectly here. I feel like I did a very small thing but in the long run it will go a long way (especially if our dogs ever get annoying). I also love learning that it’s easier to begin an open relationship with people than it is to try and do it later. Now I will be much more inclined to be myself earlier in a relationship and just reach out and be the person who opens up first. Though sometimes it’s a little scary, because you really don’t know how the other person will respond, more times than not you’ll meet a new friend and the more you do it the easier it gets.

By the way I also packed up some muffins for Bill the doorman and took them to him without a second thought! He wasn’t there so they ended up back in our bellies, but I met 4 different people in the elevator that were ready to jump me for them. I guess not many people make their own muffins around here!

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