Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Conclusion to Adventure Day 22

I’ve had a great question from a reader and in case you all don’t read the comments I respond to, I thought it might be a good idea to give a better conclusion to my Adventure Day 22 about my coffee time with the person I thought I wouldn’t like.

In the end I spent a good 2 hour visit with Lady. The experience was great for me. It really did help me understand better where she’s coming from and who she is. Does it mean we will be best friends? No. But it has definitely taught me that there really isn’t anything that scary about going out for coffee with someone you aren’t too sure if you will like. In fact I think if you are the judgmental type like me it’s essential at times (to over come your judgments and go ‘there’ with someone) for you to be able to get over that and learn from it.

I am the type of person that does genuinely try to figure out people. Like: why does he do that? What happened in their lives to make them be that way? Is it natural for them to live such a full life, or did they have some sort of experience? Why are they always grouchy? Is it just their personality or are they hurting over something?

Sometimes the answer to these questions opens our eyes and hearts to accepting the other person. In my case it helped a ton. It will certainly helped me relate more to Lady in the future and give her response more credit than I would have before (yes I am that ignorant, I’ll admit it). I want to mention that she is a person with a wonderful heart that sincerely wants to please others and cares about how they feel. Though she doesn’t walk around with her heart on her sleeve and speaking her mind, I can still chat and stuff with her. I get the sense that she is the type of person that doesn’t always know what to do or say with someone like me. I like to dive into things right away, I don’t keep very much secret at all. There is something to be said for people like Lady who guard their heart and think first (I know the effects of not doing so).

There are other times though when getting the answers to these questions is tough to take. When you find out that it is truly a part of someone’s personality to be selfish or grouchy. They just haven’t learned how to be any other way – which you could then ask a bunch more questions about, the cycle never ends! I guess the bottom line is we should never quit trying to understand where someone else is coming from, whether we like it or not, I think it goes a long way, if we let it.

I like Lady because she let me in and told me part of her story – that’s worth more than anything else I could want – thanks Lady!

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