Thursday, July 23, 2009

What kind of egg are you?

That's my question of the day for you!

There's lots to choose from: fried, sunny side up, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled, raw, rotten, running yolk, and maybe there are others I am unaware of. Pick one and explain, let me get to know you.

I am a hard boiled egg for sure. I am sometimes difficult to peel, only certain people really enjoy me on my own, and I'm great mixed in with a few other ingredients. Oh, and timing is everything with me!



Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like a scrambled egg, never quite on top of things, running behind, nothing ever quite working out as well as my wonderful plans (neatly written in lists and lists,) always one step behind getting things to work out, always one step away from finishing with all the crazy projects I have and getting to relax!

Other days I feel like a poached egg. Is that the one that looks really nice, but then you cut into the yolk and it's soft and gooey and runs out all over the place? I like to think that I look like I have things under control, that I have everything together (I want people to think my pantyhose never have runs, there's no crumbs in my butter and my closets ARE as clean as the rest of my house) but inside I'm gooey, insecure and sometimes just barely holding it all together.

TMI? I just didn't know I would relate so well to eggs. I guess I'm just a really eggs-citing person with eggs-cellent puns.

Your blog buddy Bex

Eva said...

Never TMI Bex, That's why I asked! I can totally relate to your poachedness - we're all human right? thanks for your honesty, it's good to get to know you :)

Eva :)