Friday, July 31, 2009

Adventure Day 11 - Observations at the park today

I saw a woman that was with her kids (boy and girl, probably around 10, 8), doing push ups together on a park bench - that's strange.

I saw not one but two caterpillars hanging between a tree and the ground spinning their cocoons – very cool.

I got a few minutes into my walk and thought: ‘I have to go pee. Oh it’s probably a false alarm’. I didn’t go.

I noticed peoples’ bums. There are all kinds out there. Floppy ones, jiggly ones, flat ones, bumpy ones, stiff ones, sculpted ones, oddly shaped ones, and I wondered … what is mine? And then I thought again … I probably don’t want to know.

I nearly had a head on collision with an older couple that, for some reason, were walking on the wrong side of the path and wouldn’t move – neither would I.

I got passed by a tall, blond, thin yet muscular, tanned chick on roller blades - I sent her hate vibes.

I noticed a man at the park intentionally walking backwards – why I ask? I’m not sure but it was no fluke, I saw him there doing the same thing last time I went.

I decided I hate ‘passing’ people on the trail – it seems rude, and takes a while to do. The whole time I’m wondering if they’re analyzing my butt like I was analyzing theirs.

It occurred to me that I drove 10 minutes to get exercise walking through the park – that doesn’t’ really seem to make sense.

Some one passed me who smelled great. I wondered how and was jealous, considering I was melting in sweat.

I never know when to turn around on the path and go back to my car. I always look at my watch and see that 20 minutes have gone by and think I should return, but never do because time goes by so fast. 5 minutes after I finally do turn around to go back, I wonder if I’m going to make it home.

By the time I got halfway through my walk I realized my ‘false alarm’ wasn’t false at all – dang!

I realized today that as much as I love being with people, I love being alone too.

I like the park.

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