Saturday, August 1, 2009

More stuff you didn’t know about me …

I read my own blog a lot – I mean a lot. I don’t know what it is that attracts me so much but I love reading it. Maybe I’m a narcissist.

I worry that when new people start reading the blog they'll start with a post that isn't that good and never read it again - I don't know why I care.

I love being regular (I’ll let you take that where ever you’d like)

I believe if you are a man that is a Massage Therapist it doesn’t matter whether you have a job, a car, money, a good personality, or if you are ugly – honey if you got the hands, you got it all.

I’ve only recently learned what grace is and how we are supposed to live it out – I’m trying to do better.

I love the smell of tobacco, but hate the smell of cigars

I’m a total morning person

I’m over punctual

I had what I thought was a birthmark on my chest since I was born, when I was 22 my doctor told me otherwise – it got removed. (My parents always told me they dropped a box of Pampers on me when I was an infant – the doc thought that was funny, I didn’t when I found out what it really was).

I have absolutely no problem walking around our apartment half naked. We’re 7 floors up and face a field – could life get any better?

The only men I’ve ever had hit on me were post middle aged married men – not that I need to be hit on but why the demographic?

My mother in law thinks I remind her of Uma Thurman. Wally thinks I remind him of Joan Cusack. I’ll take my mother in law’s opinion over my husband’s this time.

I love Sandra Bullock. I like Hugh Grant. I can’t stand Bette Midler.

Wally tells me I dance like a white person – that’s ok with me. I am a white person.

I’ve literally lived through a tornado – maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime.

I’ve only ever broken one bone in my body – it was my toe, someone stepped on it while playing ‘Fruit basket’. It’s a fierce game.

Speaking of games, I’m not really competitive at all. And I hate, I mean HATE, when people read me the rules before playing the game. I’d rather read them each one at a time as we play – or just make them up.

I love good surprises, but I’m always on to them – I’m turning 30 next year, I’ll leave it at that.

I LOVE having birthdays. I think people that get all uptight about getting older are clearly stupid – I hope they get weeded out at the pearly gates for not appreciating life.

I LOVE the smell of the doggy poop bags we have – a mixture of marshmallows and vanilla – mmmmm.

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