Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My name is Eva and I am NO longer a facebook-aholic.

Through a blip in my work evening I am back earlier than anticipated.

What's on my mind?

A lot but I'll narrow it down for you.

My new facebookless world!

A few weeks ago I decided that I would go off of facebook until I had completed my 10K run.

Admittedly The first week of my training I did check my facebook usually once or twice a day. A huge improvement from the countless times I went on before in a day.

I knew people weren't expecting me on there so I had to stay quiet (which is my main challenge with facebook .... and a lot of things). After a couple of weeks I decided enough was enough and it was time to hit the deactivation button.

I did so hastily one afternoon and have yet to wish it back.

I won't lie. I miss being 'in the know' and I miss people knowing all about my absolutely exciting life (cough, cough). I do wish I could've made the 'We're going to be parents!!' status update. I still may IF I go back on in the fall. All in all though I thought it would be much harder than it really was.

I miss exercising my sense of humour, the fun banter with people I rarely see in an everyday context (if at all). I did love seeing pictures of people's babies and hearing about people's adventurous trips.

But let me also tell you about what I LOVE about not being on facebook!

I love getting real e-mail (though it's still not often enough).
I love knowing there are a select few that go out of their way to keep in touch.
I love how less cloudy my mind feels. (I seriously feel so much less junk is up there).
I love not being in the middle of drama and using my status to make known my position.
I love not reading between the lines about different things people say
I love not getting annoyed by annoying people who complain about EVERYTHING.
I love knowing I am (at least on facebook) not annoying people myself.
I love not seeing people's drunken, slutty pictures.
I love that being off of it sort of feels like a semi vacation.
I love that my co workers don't know EVERYTHING about my life now. (Unless they are of the select few).
I love that life seems a whole lot simpler.

Pretty big list considering facebook is supposed to be a little virtual world of connection.

I do miss feeling the facebook love and knowing that people sort of 'get' me better when they know the facebook Eva, but is it worth it crowding my mind up with worry and wonder over what so and so said or did or whom I may have offended?

Nope. At least not for now.

For now I will enjoy my little made up contract to be facebookless until I run my 10K (possibly at the end of September).

For humour's sake though allow me to give you my would be current status:

Eva Robot is going to be a mommy through the miracle of adoption!!!! We're going to be parents!!!

I know, I know. It's nothing new if you've been reading but I want the pretend facebook thrill.

Feel free to humour me and 'Like' or Comment on it, (even though many of you have spoiled me already with wonderful wishes - We've been waiting 10 years to say these words, I'm going to milk it till it's dry!)

A couple hours after that status update I would post this one:

Eva Robot needs to cut back on the hummus. For many reasons.


Danielle said...

I love my Facebook-less world too!! And getting e-mails is the best!!!!

Zoe said...

Like! Like! Like! And... just because I think we've both decided this is dumb:

(((hugs))) LOL!