Saturday, May 22, 2010

#31 -. Share my new 'challenge' with you.

Oh boy.

I really have been avoiding this one. Mostly because I feel that if I skip telling you than maybe I can get away with not really doing it.

You see with my new challenge my biggest battle is believing it's possible. In my head I know that it is possible but my heart is not yet convinced.

To many people this challenge would seem rather vain and perhaps unnecessary, for me it's about believing in myself enough to overcome the seemingly impossible. If I actually did this I do feel that my faith in myself and many other things we control in life would sky rocket.

A lesson I have really begun to learn in the past few years that I was never aware of before is that you really do hold the key to your future. You/we have so much more control over our lives than we think.

Whether it's through our thoughts, the choices we make (big or small), or in our attitudes. We, I believe, have so much to do with where we end up.

Before I get reminded about tragedy or out of control events that happen that plummet people in despair and possibly paralyze their ability to have a 'great life', I want to say respond. Obviously there are things that happen in life that can throw us completely off course. Things that mess up all of our 'plans' for happiness or fulfillment. You may say: 'Eva, don't even try and tell me I meant to bring that into my life'. I would respond with: 'Of course not!'

My point is that so many times we give up on our dreams, goals or aspirations because life has tossed us a curve ball. Maybe it's an illness, a financial burden, more responsibility that we feel that we can handle, well I could go on forever.

I truly believe we are given the desire to go after certain things for a reason. Perhaps it's to heal a wound that we have deep within, or possibly to prepare us to overcome even bigger obstacles in the future, or maybe it's just to prove to ourselves (or those around us) that when you put your mind to it you can do ANYTHING.

I believe God has created the human spirit to be able to take on so much more than we know or understand. I'm not sure if it's the culture we live in now or what but I really think that we rarely see the potential that lies within.

Don't worry. I realize as I write this I still sit at the cusp of emotional, physical and spiritual fatigue (and the plague of one serious guilt complex). I am obviously not a perfect example perhaps of this belief. I fail so very often, everyday. I'm a work in progress remember? But I think as Wally and I have begun in the past 4 years to embrace the idea of the impossible becoming possible, I've started to really see first hand how we can open ourselves up to a world of opportunity if we only believe.

Ok so my intention for this post really wasn't to become the female Tony Robbins (he's an inspirational speaker). I just wanted to remind you and probably even more so, myself, not to let go of something that may be buried deep deep inside of you (or even something that has housed itself comfortably on the tip of your thoughts for ... ever).

I have an incredible desire within me to inspire. Not necessarily to be looked up to (but I won't kid you, that feels great too), or idolized (again that doesn't feel so bad either), but rather to give hope to someone who feels hopeless. I think we all want this. The cool thing is that we each have a different gift to inspire or touch different people. Not everyone is going to hear my story and be like 'Wow! I could never have gone back to school at 28!'. Let's get real, people do it all of the time, it's not that big of a deal. But out there somewhere is someone that has been told they had to live their life a certain way, with a certain order to it. They were taught to live inside the lines and to fear change. That person may hear my story and be inspired to enter a world of possibility.

There are so many other stories out there, yours is one of them, that if shared could literally change a life, or many. However the question is have you believed in yourself or your dream enough to let it take hold of you, stretch you, to mold and shape you into what you really could be? Maybe you don't even know what a dream you have is. Explore and ask yourself what you've always wanted to do or who do you really want to become. Then ... do it.

I suppose at this point I'm expected to blurt out my #31. Timing's not quite there. I'll let you think on this post for a while. Then I'll share.


trainspotter said...

I actually agree with a lot of what you said. My personal feeling about 'following dreams after curve-balls' may be slightly different(or maybe it's exactly the same). I think sometimes those curves can show us what's really important to us and worth fighting for, while other times I think it's best to ditch the old dreams that are causing us misery and embrace some new dreams. Of course knowing when to "dig in" and when to "let go" is the trick (and something I've never been overly intuitive about :)
I also think/agree the best way to find "happiness" (or at least peace) and "fulfillment" in life is not to look outside for it. When we make peace with our circumstances and who we are, everything in front of us is a possibility, and inspiring. If we're running away from ourselves, everything in front of us is desperation and ends in more desperation.
Sorry, I didn't mean to start a blog of my own on yours :)

Eva said...

Trainspotter - I completely agree, thank you for bringing up the point about the curve balls showing us what we need to weed out - It's sooooo true!!

Thanks for commenting!

Midge said...

I could be wrong, but it sounds like you'll be going for further education....a B.A., perhaps? It's well worth the effort =) But whatever the challenge is, do it with vigor!