Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Another short and bland information post (I think I'll be ready for some writing again in the next couple of days).

I have begun to make some head way on the party front!!! I just booked the DJ for our dance and they sound great. Also am planning to meet with our invitation lady tomorrow as well as my friend who is helping with the decorations.

The past few days I have felt very down about it and a little overwhelmed but after finally booked a DJ I am rejuvenated. I friend reminded me that good things are worth the work. I am believing and trusting that this party will be full of great things!

It's funny most of the time I feel full of life and not caring what people think about my (in this instance crazy party) ideas. But when things become challenging it's easy to doubt yourself and wonder if it'll be fun, meaningful and worth all of the money in the end. I mean if no one came we'd feel pretty silly. I just hope that people catch the 'vision' of creating memories and truly 'celebrating life'. From my little experience planning this party I have quickly learned that people aren't used to celebrating for no apparent reason.

What a shame.

It's silly but I what so much more than a party out fo this party. I want people to 'wake up' and see what a gift they've been given with those around them and with life itself. So much of our time is spent focusing on what we don't have, or who we aren't. Rather than what we do have, the possibilities that lie within and the people we can be.


I can only do my best to project a great attitude of true excitement and fervor for the life I had by living it fully and trying my best to spread the joy I have. Even when I feel like I lose it once in a while.

Well better catch some reads before sleep comes. I haven't been finding resteasily lately. I trust that tonight will be different.

Live baby live.

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Joia said...

How can people Not be excited about this party??? Hello, people! If you actually live in the country and Can go - you should go, and have the time of your life!!! =0)

Eva... it's going to rock - don't you worry.