Monday, January 18, 2010

Does it really matter what day of 'successfulness' it is?

Ok so there has been a slight hiatus from success as of late. I'm sure you all were living in complete suspense. I'm been truly struggling with the wagon idea.

Wally and I have had a couple of serious conversations about my 'issues' with food. He thinks I should seriously consider talking to someone (like, you know, a professional - or I would just call them a skinny person 'know it all'). Anyways, I've thought about it and considering my actions (which at this point shall remain private, it gets old after a while) it may be something I should follow through with. Along with the list of a hundred other items on my to do list.

Wall has also brought to my attention how much I talk about this issue and that by focusing on it I am making it more of an issue. I think he's probably right. He also kindly pointed out that I seem rather self absorbed when I fixate on it - imagine that.

I have yet to meet anyone else that talks about food stuff, I mean talks about it. I know lots of us struggle with it but I feel as though I'm the only one that is truly screwed up by it.

I'm getting bored talking about this subject - it's not that fun.

Do me a favour: google Compasio Thailand. This is the thing I want to do within the next year. I watched some of the videos posted at 3:30am this morning when I couldn't sleep. I was reminded about the dreams I've had since I was a teenager to go abroad and serve. To love. To care. I was thinking maybe I could work on something while I wait. Something to help them. That might be cool.

We'll see. My ideas always seem to get me into trouble. For instance I have this party I'm planning. I can't seem to find a DJ. I will find a DJ, but it'll like work. I need to be around people that understand my party and are excited to be at my party. Maybe that's what I need to do to cheer up - be with my party people.

Anyway, I hope to write about some other stuff soon. Thanks for hangin' with me,

Forever hoping,

Eva :)

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