Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gamma's in love.

I have one Gramma. She's 75. Once upon a time she was married to the same man for all of her life. She had 3 girls who each got married and gave her 6 grandchildren. My Gramma was a church organist for ... lots of years and taught piano for lots of years. Since she was 15 years old. A lot of things in her life stayed the same since she was fifteen. Her job (though it expanded into a family), who she was with (my Grampa) and the area she lived.

Her life went along pretty much the same for 50 plus years. Then almost 8 years ago her middle daughter died. Her daughter was only 44. Gramma lived on, she had to, to take care of my Grampa, my broken hearted Grampa. A few months later Grampa had a stroke and lived in the hospital for 2 months until he had a heart attack and died.

While he was in the hospital Gramma's one son in law had a kidney transplant - that was scary but he made it.

Also while Gramma visited Grampa in the hospital her brother tried to commit suicide. He was unsuccessful. So he was then in the hospital too. She had to take care of her brother's business because no one else would - his wife left him.

During this time Gramma got sick from being tired and working so hard. She went to the hospital too. She got better quick, though the doctor said nothing was wrong, her family knew she was plain worn out.

Finally everyone died (except for her son in law). Gramma could rest. And cry. and live.

The first thing Gramma did was buy pants. She never wore pants before - only in the garden. She bought lots of pants. And wore then, all of the time. Even to church.

Then Gramma, on her 72nd birthday got her ears pierced. She bought lots of earings and wears them.

Gramma came out of her shell. She started hosting Bible Studies, going to every social function there was and became a little much for some of her grandchildren. But she was happy, so they were happy.

A few months ago Gramma got a boyfriend. Her first boyfriend (other than Grampa). He cuddles her, sits close to her, smiles and shares inside jokes with her. He even serenades her - or so she says.

I think he loves her. I think she loves him.

She's happy a lot again.

I'm happy too.


Zoe said...

Okay, totally should have read this one before the last one. I LOVE it! GO Gramma! I want to be as amazing as she is when I am her age... Wow..

By the way, I love that you're blogging about stuff like this... very sweet.

S. said...

Aww, this was a really adorable post! I'm so happy your Gamma's got some sunshine in her life :)