Monday, July 20, 2009


Last night at work:
I apparently was asking Guy a lot of questions (the same guy I’ve mentioned before), such as: Where are you going? What are you doing? Why are you doing that? He responds to me with: ‘Eva, why are you so curious all of the time. You shouldn’t be – wanna know why? Because curiosity killed the cat Eva and you don’t want to die!!!’ Understand he said this with sincere urgency and in great seriousness.

Later Guy asked why I always held my head, looked down and shook it after he said stuff. I had no comment for him.

I was at the gym this morning and one lady said to another ‘It keeps slipping out, I can’t help it’ – in my head I laughed … I sometimes have a dirty mind.

Today on my walk with the poochies I passed by a Hershey’s wrapper that was lying on the ground, in that moment I hated #1 on my list.

Before I went to the gym this morning I had no e-mail, when I came home I had 4, 3 of which were from real people. First of all this is like the highlight of my day (I love real e-mails) and second of all, I learned that between 7-8 in the morning people are checking their e-mail.

Wally is a great writer and public speaker. He does whatever he does well. I have bad punctuation and say um a lot (or just too much of whatever’s roaming through my mind).

My list of 40 things to do in 40 days seems to be growing in my head (of course I’m now starting the next list). I’ve also decided to be a complete and true cheeseball and begin a ‘bucket list’. I love cheese. I really do.

Speaking of cheese – I haven’t tried enough different kinds – its number 1 on my next list – Try 5 new kinds of cheese. I don’t know if I’ll wait the 40 days for that one.

I think that when I type I’m dyslexic.

I met a woman at the gym today, who had great legs, the perfect hair, looked around 30. She has five kids, the oldest of which is 20. She strikes me as a genuinely happy person. She introduced herself to me, and said hello to several ladies by name. All around, she was just too cute for her own good. I liked her a lot and hated her a little.

I just realized the grammar check in MS Word sometimes has worse grammar than me or I, whoever.


Midge said...

You kill me =) My favourite part is about the cheese; I'm also a total fanatic, you don't even know. I think I was actually supposed to be born in Europe where the cheese is divine, but these things happen....thanks for inviting me to read your blog - sorry it took me awhile to get around to it! You write so well and are so down to earth.

Wally said...

Yes, you do write well and there's nothing wrong with your punctuation - we just look at commas differently.

Zoe said...

Your randomness is so much more interesting than mine.... sigh

Anonymous said...

Hey you,
LOVED what you said abuot that lady beintg too cute for her own good!!! Eva... I think it's actually kinda scary how you & I are alike... You just don't know it yet... ;)
-A certain cousin of yours, who would like you to give her a nickname... so she can REALLY be anonymous... ;)