Thursday, July 30, 2009

More fun times at work…

Guy got a new bed today and this is the conversation we shared right after we got into it for the first time to sleep:
“Oh, I love my new bed. It’s so soft and comfy. Eva touch it – it’s soft.”
I go to the farthest place from him and quickly bounce my body off of the edge of the bed and say: “ Yup, it’s a pretty soft bed.”
“Oh I love my bed, I’m so glad I got it. It’s so great; I wish you could lay down right beside me Eva.” (I’m quite positive he wasn’t being inappropriate though)
I say: “Uh, yeah … let’s pray … good night Guy.”

Guy and I are watching a movie. He notices a female on screen and says: “That girl is hot, don’t you think Eva?”
“Um, I’m not really into chicks Guy”
“That’s because you’re a girl right?”

We’re on a van ride, with me driving, another newer (but older) staff is in the passenger seat and Guy is sitting behind her. Guy begins to massage her neck (something we should stop him from doing), she doesn’t seem to know this. She says how much she enjoys it. Guy remarks snidely with “Eva doesn’t like touchy” then stares me down with an evil eye.

A minute or so into the massage (from above) Lil t (the staff) continues to enjoy the massage and Guy says “I knew you’d like this Lil t”
Lil t says “Oh really, how did you know that?”
Guy says “Because you are that kind of woman.”

The other day at work before the for mentioned van ride, I am sitting in the drivers’ seat waiting for the other staff to come, the music is on. Guy says “Hey Eva, do you want to learn how to ‘rock the van’?”
My mind is clearly not where his is and I am thinking ‘huh?’
He quickly cranks the Abba that’s playing, puts on the four ways and then literally gets out and rocks the van.

One day Guy and I were outside shooting hoops. A teenage girl dressed in tight fitting summer apparel walks by us. Guy’s eyes practically hit the drive way and serious drooling begins to pour out of his mouth and he starts to loudly say “Mama Cita” (I’m not sure the spelling but I think it’s Spanish) over and over and is directly looking at her. Guy has been told that this means hot or pretty lady. I had to hit a gong to knock him back to reality and remind him that is was ok to think these things in his head but it wasn’t appropriate to slather them all over the drive way – the girl could have drowned in his drool man!

I love my job!

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