Monday, July 27, 2009

Frustrated !!!!

Right now that's me. Frustrated. Like blood boiling, want to hurl everything out the window, empty everything out the filing cabinet for no reason, not add a smiley face to the end of my name , break something, scream at the top of my lungs frustrated!!!

What is the horrible problem that I'm dealing with, you ask?

I lost my earbuds.

I know, earth shattering eh?

Well for me, right now, that's how I feel (even though there's a pinch of reason in my mind that is telling me to get over it and move on - only a pinch though, in fact it may be less than a pinch).

I have spent the last 45 minutes looking all through our apartment (and even the car) for something I haven't used in weeks, but all of a sudden has become THE most important thing in the world to me. Someone tell me there's something to learn here!!

Ok since there's no instant feedback on a blog, let me try and figure it out on my own... hmmmmmmm.

One thing I've learned since losing my earbuds this morning (or should I say, since realizing they are in hiding) is that I desperately need to do an organization overhaul on our apartment. Yikes!!! I can't find anything - except what I'm NOT looking for.

I've learned that I am currently unfathomably irritated with Wally for leaving me in such a distraught state - how dare he. (And right now I'm not even being sarcastic).

I've learned that I know how to spell unfathomably on the first try (and it's a real word), yet I can't spell irritated. Oh and that earbuds is not actually a word. (Thank you spell check).

I've learned that you should turn the music down on the MP3 player before testing the ratty old headphones your husband gives you as an alternative (it was on full blast, and I'm quite positive my spirit jumped out of my body for at least 3 seconds).

I've learned that there's at least one bill in the pile that I totally forgot about and it needs to be paid.

I've learned that in these moments I am an irrational human being that should probably be drugged.

I've learned that you can check the same spot 3 times and shouldn't expect the 4th check to cause what you are looking for to magically reappear.

I've learned that blogging can take your blood from boiling to a gentle simmer in approximately 12 minutes.

There you have it folks, I learned a lesson or few.

I suppose I could use the ratty old ear phones and go for that walk after all ... well you didn't expect me to go for a walk without my music did you?

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