Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few crumbs about me …

We have 2 cordless phones. After using them I seem to always put them within a foot of where the charger is, never actually back on the charger – apparently this is a bit annoying to some people.

When I am using a knife to spread something on say toast or a bagel, I never clean it off before dipping it into a second ingredient.

Unlike the people that organize the music at my gym, I do not believe that every possible kind of music (country, rock ballads, musicals) should be turned into techno to ‘pump up’ my work out. – It’s just wrong.

Lastnight at work I was told that I was really coming out of my shell, as I was joking very honestly about some stuff going on there. I hate having a shell.

I am an over zealous communicator. If you e-mail me (even when it’s long) I will e-mail you back immediately, if you call me I will return your call right away, it you write me I will write back A.S.A.P. If you are having a conversation with me there is little room for silence. This is something that has scared a few off and I really should work on – we’ll see.

I have a genuine love for Marshmallow that surpasses logic – I’m not sure why sometimes, but he is one person I would do anything for (anything I know that would help him).

I love rolling out of bed and having good hair (who doesn’t?), on these days I give myself a bird bath and call the day perfect.

I predominantly drive in the left lane, that way I don’t have to worry about maneuvering around city buses, cyclists and whoever else is slowing up the traffic.

These are all of the shoes that I own: 2 pairs of runners (indoor/outdoor), one pair of brown leather year-rounders, 2 pairs of brown sandals (nice/everyday), 1 pair of black sandals, 1 pair of black high heels (that I never wear, ever) and 2 identical pairs of small heeled strappy shoes (1 white and 1 black - $10 at Wal-mart woo hoo!), oh and 1 pair of boots (everyday, trudging through snow kind). Wally thinks I’m over-the-top with all of my shoes – I think he’s crazy. (Did you notice my colour choices are: black, brown and white? Perhaps colourful shoes should make my next list).

I'm a sweater - no not the knitted kind, the sweaty kind. It totally grosses me out (and sorry about adding to that list of 'things you didn't need to know') but it's the truth. There are few shirts I can wear without feeling completely self conscious that my sweat is making it's appearance.

I'm always cold (which seems weird considering the previous crumb), I wear sweaters in July. Among my favourite things are hoodies, soft socks, and fleecy blankets - love them. That being said I hate summer because it's too hot. It's my least favourite season - fall is my all time favourite, and except for the driving, I don't really mind winter (I sometimes even like it).

I’m not an easy crier, hugger or laugher. However, if I’m truly doing one of these things you know I mean it.

I force myself to occasionally tell those I love that I love them, even though saying it is one of the most uncomfortable things I ever have to do. It’s not that I don’t mean it – it’s just that I’d rather show it (or write it). I also never force myself to say it out of obligation – so once again, if you hear me say it, it’s because I mean it.

I’m not a normal girl. I honestly don’t get all hot and bothered by a muscle-tanned guy driving by on a bike, I don’t give a rip whether a guy has a few extra pounds around the middle, I don’t find chiseled looks all that attractive. I truly believe a person’s ‘who-they-are’ part makes them beautiful – and really I’m not being nice.

Speaking of being nice … I’m too nice sometimes, I’m trying to work on this in an appropriate manner. Being nice is good when you are actually nice, but when you are not actually nice and you are acting nice, you are just a liar – that’s not nice.

I’m really struggling to decide how honest I want to be on this blog. I mean I want to be totally honest yet I want to make sure I don’t offend any potential readers (or write a story about them and then remember they indeed read this). Hmmmm … sounds like the nice situation I mentioned above – I AM currently ironing this one out.

I love good smells - like I LOVE them. If I notice a nice smelling person walk by, it takes everything I've got not to hunt them down and ask what they wear. funny part is: I don't wear purfume - too smelly.

I truly believe that if I didn't wear a bra no one would ever know I had boobs - it's true I won't lie, it's all about the bra.

And one final crumb …

I believe cookie dough was never meant to be baked, at least not completely.


Wally said...

You might as well have just mentioned me by name on the first two.

Joia said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up, Eva! Love you, love this blog. =)

Eva said...

Thanks J!

Anonymous said...

You haven't e-amiled MEEE back yet.... Aren't I special enough???!
-Your cuz....anns

Anonymous said...

I am in FUUULL agreement, abuot buying shoes that are colorful :) TRUSt me, it brightens your day a lot when you slip on a great pair of shoes ;)
When it comes to shoes, I have a philosophy I follow RELIGIOUSLY- "Variety is the spice of life!" If Wally thinks you're over-the-top.. seriously.. that is NOTHING.... He should come see y cloest- he'd shake my head, & tell me that I am ridiculous...

-Your cuz, who was given a sign by her parents that said, "If the shoe fits... buy it in EVERY color!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, & Eva, I'm in 100% agreement about the cookie dough thing!!!
-Your cuz

Eva said...

I'm not sure who the person I haven't e-mailed back is ... I really don't think its possible.Is cuz all the same person?