Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventure Day 2 - Is this jet lag?

Yes folks, you heard it right, I really think that I am indeed experiencing jet lag. Who knew you could get it from an imaginary journey, or at least a journey of this sort? I have been very exhausted lately and am finding it hard to stay alert all through my day. I don't know, maybe it's my weird schedule of work - whatever it is I hope I can kick it soon!

This morning I woke up bright and early feeling confident that this day would bring another accomplishment for sure! I was in good spirits and the day awaited me. I made a trip to the gym and it went very well. I got to see a few fun (and yes older) ladies I used to work out with when I went to the gym on my own back during school, in the early mornings (lately I've been going more in the late afternoons with a friend - but really I'm a morning person). Yes it was good. I came home and cleaned up ready to tackle #4 on my list - going out for breakfast with Marshmallow (my brother). I had facebooked him immediately after I made my list and we had tentatively planned to go this morning, however we had not completely confirmed things. So I awaited his response, called him on both phones (home and cell) and got no response.

So I waited around until noon, then gave in and e-mailed him hoping to reschedule. I still have not heard back. I have to say I am a bit surprised at his non-responsiveness, just because he is usually very good at getting back to me. Sometimes if he thinks it urgent he will call after seeing a note from me on facebook, rather than waiting for me to e-mail back. I am disappointed that I could not meet with him, for many reasons. I just hope that his is not avoiding me for other reasons (perhaps I'll explain that later). Anyway, I am working later this evening until nearly midnight so I thought I would describe my adventure day 2 before I head out the door.

Though I did not officially complete any items on my list today, I did bury deeper into a couple of them further for next week. I researched the church where I want to attend mass. It's actually a Basilica and a Cathedral - I didn't know the difference before today and it was very interesting (check it out somewhere!). I think that I may actually book a tour of the church for sometime next week - that is if they will do one for only one person. I figured then I could ask a few questions about mass and such for 'outsiders' to the Catholic faith and what I should expect. I don't want to disrespect their practices at all so it may be good to have a heads up first.

I also looked up places I could learn more about the homeless and less fortunate (I'm not sure if I like that term, whatever) in my city. I found one I think that I will also contact to learn more about and hopefully help out with some needs they have. Maybe I will even bring this up at my home church.

I am excited about both of these endeavors and know that if I hadn't challenged myself to do this I would never have explored these places and people on my own - YAY!!! I have also started e-mailing a few people regarding #7, #28, #18, #11. I love e-mail!

I have also been working on reading through the book of John in the Bible. I've read a few chapters now and have to say how interesting I find it that new Christians are pointed towards reading this book first. The first chapter or two are just so full of backwards talk, if I were new I'd be totally confused. Who am I foolin'? I was kinda confused and I knew what it was talking about - at least I think I did. It's not that I don' think it's a good book (as I read further, it does become an easier read), but I always try and see from a newcomer's perspective (at many things regarding the church or otherwise) and to me the very cool 'backward talk' in the beginning of the book could really give someone brain cramps man. I did come across one part last night that struck me - it was talking about how God alone is the one who draws people to Jesus(John 6:43-45)THAT'S cool. God wants me. A lot. How much better does it get than that. 'Nough said.

Well, my fair readers, I bid you good night and hope to ignite within you a desire to LIVE and be challenged in a real way. I have received a few suggestions on some things I can add to my list, please challenge me with more. I will post my final picks next week sometime that will make the cut for my 40 days of fun!

Remember: we are all works in progress ...


Anonymous said...

So if we get an email from Eva asking us out for coffee, should we be concerned that we're the people you're not sure if you like? Hmmm... JK!
I think I count for one of the new people in #8!
BTW, I LOVE reading your blog and think that there are a lot of things that we have in common. I've felt really encouraged by your posts. Thanks so much!
Love Bex

Zoe said...

I think you should dye your hair purple before continuing any further... really get out of your comfort zone. =)

Wally said...


Eva said...

Firstly, Thanks Bex - I'm so glad you are enjoying it - thanks for letting me know!! (I won't call you for coffee!)

Zoe - purple hair is a no, however I was thinking about no make up for a couple of days - that would stretch me.

Wally - is that down town bus ride seeming a little less worrisome with a possibility of purple hair?

Wally said...

On second thought, go with the purple hair. Just wait until after the wedding on Saturday.

Midge said...

I think you should do the tequila one, and THEN dye your hair purple. That way, when the little old ladies at church ask you why you dyed your hair, you'll have a good reason.


PS. When you try tequila, try it with both salt and lime; some people like it with, some without. I prefer without, but give it a shot. (I'm so punny...)