Monday, May 16, 2011

A little clearer

Well, I have to say I feel much better than I did when I wrote my last post 10 hrs ago.

What's changed? Nothing much really.

I've had the day completely to myself to clean the house, create some healthy snacks in the kitchen and finish patiently waiting laundry. Oh and I must mention the 5 K run I had at the gym this morning without any trouble (my first run in over 2 weeks since the fund raiser!!).

As the day went by I looked up some houses on MLS (I know, we're not thinking of moving yet for another year but I like to jump the gun). I decided I LOVE our little bungalow with hideous paneling in the basement, and I love what few things we've done to the place since moving here.

I'm no so much in love with the fact that after my shower this afternoon I heard mousecapades going on over the ceiling in the bathroom. Oh well, as long as they stay up there until I con someone else into going up and killing the little buggers I'm not too worried.

I love being home. I love breathing and noticing that I'm alive. I love the pace of my two little friends (don't love their timing when walking across a freshly washed kitchen floor that's not yet dry).

I love ... creating home.

So, in light of this little discovery I am going ot spend the next year researching, learning, asking questions and figuring out how Wally and I can make our dreams come true having me be at home as much as possible.

I'll have to learn more about budgeting, ok I'll rephrase that because honestly I'm a great budgeter, I'm going to learn how to create and APPLY a good budget. I'm going to challenge myself to be even more frugal than I always have been. Maybe I'll even start a networking system for others to be able to access to make dollars go farther.

I'm going to start daring to believe I will be a mom and a wife that I've always wanted to be.

Last week I went to an advanced workshop on 'Core Gifts' that I got trained in last year (I told you a bit about it at the time). It's an interview process that's very personalized that helps the interviewee learn what their Core Gift is and how they best use it.

I did mine again with someone new. My Core Gift was the same but how I do it was much more defined and clear. Bang on in my opinion. Here it is:

My core gift is: helping people connect with one another.

I do this by: being real, meeting people where they are at, gaining strength by learning new things and making something great out of nothing.

By knowing my 'Core Gift' and how I specifically use it I can use it more and be more fulfilled.

I'm sure to some it sounds like hocus pocus psychology. If I was capable and patient enough to explain it I may be able to win you over. I find it fascinating and after learning more behind it I think it's very real.

Anyways, today has let me breathe and given me time to let some things settle in.

Due to things changing at work I still have a schedule around 30-32 hrs a week plus meetings and special training stuff. I'm going to go with it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes but I still wonder if it'd be best if I let a shift or two go still. We'll see.

For now I'll enjoy the air.



trainspotter said...

Glad to hear that things seem clearer today!

Anonymous said...


Where does one go to get more information on their core gifts? I think it is something that would be interesting for both my husband and I

Eva said...

About the core gifts question: The man who sor tof discovered/developed this is an American. He trained myself and the other people in my agency how to do this.

To have this done you would go through the interview process. It only takes about an hour for one person and is very interesting and personalized - no multiple choice!!

Bruce Anderson is the name of the man.