Friday, April 15, 2011

'More time to myself'

I was spending some time with a friend the other day and that phrase came out of her mouth.

For some reason it struck me. Really struck me.

I'm not really sure why exactly. Maybe because that seems to be what every one (including myself) is running around in life trying to do.

The thing is .... really, who else does it belong to?

When I hear that phrase and think of my own 'time to myself' I immediately melt into a puddle of ahhhhhhhh.

What does it mean?

For me it's a gluttonous act of whatever I feel like. It could be reading a book in silence, eating my favourite snack alone, going to the book store (oh my goodness bookstores!!!!) just to look around, hoping I have money I forgot about living in my purse.

I means having nothing to do that I don't want to do, in otherwaords spending my time on me without any guilt what-so-ever.

I can only imagine how much the value of this experience goes up when you have children.

Is it a North American or Western thing to want time to yourself? Is it 'normal' to hope for or expect? Or is it something we used to have back int he day that got lost in the bustle of trying to achieve more than necessary in a shorter period of time?

I don't know the answer but I know that it's not a statement I want to have to say very often.

I think it's like hoping you'll get just one more gasp of air while fighting waves in the middle of an ocean. At least often that's how it feels when you are saying it. I know, I used to say it more often, and I still think it more than I should.

Could you imagine a life where we loved everything we did? Where we never longed for more of any good thing? Where we knew our limits?

Last night while out with that same friend I ordered a drink from Starbucks. the ladies who made it warned of great pleasure from it. They didn't lie.

I don't remember if there's ever been a time, at least not in my recent history, that I've enjoyed something so much.

I drank about an inch out of the grande cup and honestly felt like I'd taken so much enjoyment out of it thus far I needed no more. In fact I wondered if having more would ruin it.

Let me tell you, in the realm of tasting that's not something I experience often or maybe ever. It was almost a holy moment.

I savoured every taste for at least the first quarter of the drink. I would pick it up, hold it in my hands, feel the warmth. Then I'd stare at the artificial-but-who-cares whipped cream on top, and the perfectly drizzled caramel sauce on top in wonder.

I'd slowly bow my head towards the drink, close my eyes and let the white foam touch my lips adding a coolness. Then I'd tip the cup ever so gently forward so that the pool of hidden goodness under the sea of cream would invade my taste buds and flood my mouth.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was so wonderful.

I don't often enjoy something so much I want to take it slow. That pretty much applies to everything in my life. Once I know what I like I want to go after it full throttle so that I can just enjoy my new discovery.

This drink was different. It slowed me down and kept me in the moment of it's greatness. By doing so it enveloped me, slowed time and heightened every sense. It was good.

In a life that seems impossible to enjoy every moment or even catch a moment to enjoy maybe we should try to just take a couple each day to just sit still and absorb. Maybe some days they'll be rich with flavour, maybe some days they'll be a little flat and watered down. But I think we are hear to learn how to thirst for both at different times.

That all being said 'More time to myself' never seems like a chore to endure.

Does it?

Drink up whatever moment that you have today.


Anonymous said...

So what kind of drink was it?

Eva said...

Caramel Apple Spice

Which is essentially a slice of apple pie in a cup.


Anonymous said...

I wondered if that's what one it was! It's my favourite and yes.. that's the best way to describe it. Mmm mmm good!! It's been years since I've had one.. hmm maybe I'll have to make a visit to Starbucks soon