Friday, February 11, 2011

Clear the air ....

To answer a great question for a blog reader who may be newer to reading about our Thai Thai adventures.
The question was asked 'Will you still go if you don't reach your $10 000 goal?'

To which I have to answer: YES!!

My $10 000 goal is not actually related to our trip directly.

I decided early on that since Wally and I would be paying for the trip out of our pockets that when people asked about our trip we could share info about Compasio and offer an outlet for them to give if they wanted (and there have been many who have asked).

I figured since many people raise money to go on mission trips like this we could sort of do the same idea only all of the money raised would go directly towards Compasio's needs rather than our trip.

I also had wanted to develop a relationship with Compasio and a deeper connection with them before coming for a rather short (in the grand scheme of things)trip. I want this trip to be a stop in the road of hopefully a long relationship with a great organization. One that maybe someday we can share with our children too.

I also knew beyond a doubt last fall when I set the $10 000 goal that it wouldn't be met before going on our trip and that has never really been a factor. My goal was to have it raised by the end of June however it may be extended to the fall as our biggest fundraiser will be then.

We have several things coming up this spring and it should be great! In the mean time I am getting really excited for this step in our journey with Compasio and actually getting to meet the workers, volunteers and children there. No doubt it will give me a 'shot in the arm'(or heart) for my personal fund raising efforts on their behalf.

I hope this explains things a bit better. We've had many questions and no doubt it can get confusing.


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Stacy said...

I have money for your trip! You have to come get it though, we'll have tea and a chat. Nothings free :)