Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have thoughts.

What's new?

My new thoughts.

I hope to share them soon.

So I won't forget, the topic is: selfishness.

So there.

I miss writing. And thinking. And ... well ... other stuff.

I'm feeling a wee bit sad right now. I'll get over it. There are bigger crisis' in the world.

Hopefully I can write soon.


If you have a minute (which is unlikely) share something that will make me smile. You know, if you have a minute :)

I just need a little one.
In the mean time


tessa said...

Ahhh... what's up? Nothing too funny has happened in my world to make you smile but I do care about you lots, will that make you smile.
Dumb comment of the week from one of my students - do I have to come to class or will you put the notes on line?
I miiss your blogs, hope you can get your writing back soon.

trainspotter said...

I don't know if this will help but it made me laugh...
I was driving Tara home from school today and she was talking on and on about some silly nonsense. I was only half paying attention to her but to be a supportive mom I was throwing out comments to make her think I cared about her best friends brother's puppy. One of my comments was "oh...I see" to which she responded "I'm glad you can see mom, otherwise I'd be screaming right now!"

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, one of the things that's made me laugh the hardest lately is a website with real examples of metaphors from student work. I laughed so hard, and laughed again when I read it today :) Hope it cheers you up a little :)

Love Bex