Friday, May 21, 2010

Revealing #36-40

Yeah so I haven't told you what I've planned for each of my last 5 items on my list. Probably because I don't know what they should be.

I'm going to start naming them off and see if I get inspired as I list ...

#36 - Have my first poached egg (I am doing this tomorrow!!)

#37 - Workout on my own at the gym doing weight training (I go all the time doing cardio but am super intimidated to do it by myself)

#38 - Decide what I am planning regarding my blog on doing after this list is complete

#39 - Answer any 5 questions you have of me ... no matter what they are (providing they don't invade anyone else's privacy).

#40 - I will leave to a vote ...

A) Go camping

B) Cook an authentic Chinese meal

C) Let my hair dresser do whatever she wants to my hair

Also mentioned in one of the comments left was to try growing an herb garden. I think I may be up for this next time, it would definitely be interesting for this non-green thumbed gal.

I wanted to admit something while I'm here.

Do to my recent .... hmmmmm ... how do i put this? Burn out, mental breakdown (that seems a tad strong), or whatever you want to call it. I am quite sure I won't be completing my 40 things within the 40 days.

I am a bit disappointed in myself for not staying on top of this however I know that you can't, nor should you try to, duplicate a past experience. So, I won't. The purpose overall is to step out of my 'box' and try new things, understand new people and hopefully gain more perspective, not necessarily run a race.

The reason I like deadlines for this stuff is because they make things easier to measure in a sense. They keep you accountable and a bit more focused. I already see the difference in how I approached my last adventure as opposed to this one.

No fears though. I am determined to try everything mentioned and still learn a whole bunch along the way. I do hope to check my schedule and become more diligent about completing my tasks at hand, while enjoying them all the same :)

I have lots to get to I hope you stay with me!


Eva :)

P.S. Don't for get to vote!


Anonymous said...

Camping, camping, camping!!!

As couples? Or I can think of some common friends we have that we could get to go with us :)

Don't worry at all about it taking more than 40 days. Was the point of this exercise to do new things? Or to wear yourself out in 40 days?

You're working full time, working out, staying healthy, maintaining friendships, and I think it's awesome that you've got as much done as you have. I'm proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone (over and over again) and I'm inspired by you :)

Love Bex

S. said...

(Can you tell how very pro-camping I am?)

Anonymous said...


tessa said...

I vote camping, I even have a tent I can lend you, just don't invite me it will rain.

Workout thing - I too used to be intimidated too, here's what I do now, write out a workout in a little book, carry it with you and stay focused. The gym I go to is full of muscle builders, they don't scare me anymore. I actually enjoy doing it now.

Shell Bell said...

I vote for C!