Saturday, May 1, 2010

40 Day Adventure #2 - Yes indeedy I'm insane!!

OK I'm totally nuts. Really. Like I didn't get enough action out of the last time I did this. I was only working part time and it completely exhaustified me.

I have to be honest I totally did not plan this. I actually just facebooked about a new challenge I am up for (mentally anyways) and then Shell Bell asked if perhaps it was another 40 day adventure. I decided 'Why not?'

For those of you who know that I've been having the 'post party blues' lately you may wonder why I'm not giving myself a rest. Well ... I'm a jumper. I jump too easily. The first second I feel better I seem to think it's time to try something else. It's a problem. One I'm kind of excited to have.

This 40 Day adventure may (or may not) be a little less adventuresome than the last, we'll see. But here is my list so far. I really need some help thinking of the last few items to add to the list.

Here we go ...

1. Go on my first (and perhaps last) jog.

2. Book 10 consecutive days off of work - definitely a challenge for me!

3. Eat with only chopsticks for one month (like the month of May) - I'm totally jealous of the 'cool' people that can eat them so what better way to learn?

4. Give Dee my blog address the next time I see him - Geez I don't like this one. I feel like it'd be easier to prance around naked, I'll take the risk on sharing the address though instead. For all I know he'll never read past this list.

5.Meet up with an old high school friend I haven't chatted with in years - I'll totally admit that because of the party I have not one but two dates to do this already set, but it should be a good reflective item.

6.40 days (which I hope to turn into a lifetime) of super clean eating, however I may have to deflect it for 1 or2 off the items on this list).

7. Tie my camera to my arm for a week - I may learn to remember to use it too!

8. Book the hot air balloon ride that I've been wanting to try

9. Spend some time sewing with my Grandma - sounds boring but I have no doubt my blog post will be interesting.

10. Go out for coffee with my laughs-a-lot aunt - you never know what might come up (you remember how my brothers breakfast went)

11. Buy a super expensive ice cream cake and invite a few random maybe not quite friends yet people to share it (Not sure if I'll have permission to do this but I may get a buzz from watching other enjoy it).

12. Read a book - it's been a while.

13. Try Gelato (again, may need permission)

14. Go to one of Dee's wrestling events - yikes that is sooooo out of my element. Maybe I can make it a father daughter bonding experience.

15. Take someone out for coffee that I think is interesting.

16. Invite 5 more people to read my blog - this absolutely terrifies me so feel free to help me out!

17. Talk to someone at work about a few fund raising ideas I have - and hopefully not get roped into taking on the entire project!

18. Get a facial - never done this but suspect it could be heavenly.

19. (I cant' believe I'm saying this one...) Go to a stag shop with my hairdresser because she thought I may have cheated on my last 40 day adventure with the lingerie (note: I did not say I was going to buy anything - I think I need a shower already).

20. Get an actual tan in a tanning bed - ok once again I really don't want to do this but think my perspective on trying it once could be seriously entertaining.

21. Scrap book the 'Party'

22. Do a blog post on all the things I can remember doing since my last 40 day adventure that I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't done it.

23. Interview 5 people to find out what their 'Core Gifts' are - I'll have to explain when I post about it, I think it's very cool.

24. Go to my home church 4 weeks in a row - haven't been in months and want to remember why I went in the first place (other than my fun dancin' friends).

25. Go out for beer with the guys - I have no idea who the guys are but I've always wanted to do this so I guess I'll have to find some.

26. Do another 'Girls' Night Out' - maybe I'll muster up another great experience for those who dare.

27. Go for coffee with someone I look up to at work.

28. Buy some thongs and torture myself by wearing them - this just totally makes me laugh (I was going to say cracks me up, but that's lame).

29. Go on a creatively cool date with Wally

30. Go to my high school reunion

31. Share my new 'challenge' with you.

32. Interview someone I don't know that well and share their story with you.

33. Give you a list of 100 things you should know about me.

34. Do a random act of kindness.

35. Eat lobster - never tried it, always wondered.

For now that's all I've got and I'm soon going to be late for work. Clearly I need a few suggestions to get my numbers up to forty but I am confident you all can help me out while I ponder some myself.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO EXCITED about your new challenge! I absolutely loved reading about your last challenge, and I always feel inspired when reading about your adventures. I'd have to say I'm read (spiritually, mentally, emotionally etc.) to read about your adventures :) And I love the list! You definitely have some fun ones there. If you and Wally have never tried camping, I think you should really add that to your list... If you have, I'll have to come up with better ideas.


Zoe said...

How about cooking a totally authentic Chinese meal to eat with chopsticks?

Tessa said...

Love the list - do you garden, how about growing a herb from seeds actually cooking with it