Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lastnight I had a nightmare.

It was about my party. It was terrible.

In my nightmare time was flying by. Real fast like (hmmm... sounds normal to me). I remember the time of the party coming and we were in this little tiny old rickety church hall type place that could really only hold maybe 20 people comfortably.

For some reason there was a mis-communication with the DJ and he didn't come at all. Then I had forgotten to get the decorations done so I had a mixed array of dollar store streamers ripped and masking taped up to and fro. I also happened to run out of time to find anything decent to wear so I looked a fright.

To top it off barely anyone showed up. Which considering the sounds of the party that occurred, it was probably a good thing.

So I guess I need to do a bit more planning or something. I am starting to worry a bit about some of my ideas and stuff. EEK!!

With less than 2 months til party time I think I'd better get on things.

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