Saturday, March 6, 2010


OK so here's the story...

As anyone would know who has read this blog from the beginning (or you know, two days ago), I have issues with my body. With trying to keep it healthy, treating it with respect, ok I'll come out and say it: I'm a binge-r. I emotional eat and I more often than not feel crappy about how I let this happen.

(My solution here is not going to make sense when I say what it is. Oh well).

So all of my life I've wanted to get fit and free from these things. I actually do like exercise (or so I thought 2 days ago) but the recent gym membership wally and I signed up for left us feeling overwhelmed and stupid in all things 'gym' related. You know, exactly how they (whoever 'they' are) want you to feel.

Both Wally and I know that getting a gym membership by no means gets anywhere near solving our food 'issues' but for us we thought it was a great idea to give us something active to do together for the very first time.

It took me a couple of years to get Wally to agree to or even want to go to a gym. The insecurities over our weight and appearance at the gym (not knowing how the heck to operate a treadmill) overcame any possibility to even walk past one, let alone think of joining one. The fact that gyms are often filled with seemingly already 'fit' people who would throw money into something we saw as a luxury didn't make us feel any more comfortable.

I asked Wally the other day what had changed. Why he was willing to finally do this (yes, if you remember correctly I went to a gym before, but this was a way different ball game, one I'd only go to with another scared person in tow).

His answer surprised me.

He said 'Because how you are living now a days trying to experience life. I just thought I should.' (This is no quote, more of a gist)

I was in awe. 'That's kinda cool' I thought.

So on Valentine's Day we went in and signed up. A few days later after we'd each had our demos and realized we still knew nothing and actually wanted to make some changes in our lives and knew we needed help, we went back and inquired about personal trainers.

Can I just say that never in my life have I ever thought I would EVER be ok with having a man be my personal trainer. EVER. But we had our demonstrations with the same guy who apparently is new to that gym and there was something about him we both liked so that's who we have. (I can't wait to tell you more about him - interesting stuff!)

Obviously we both signed up, with Dee (the guy who did our demo). Not only did we sign up, but we SIGNED up. We each got 24 sessions. YIKES! We were able to split a package deal together and get a good deal (I suppose relatively speaking).

Can I say again there are other reasons why this is big? Like NEVER would we have ever spent money like this before on something like this - we really are changing our ways and prioritizing what we want according to our dreams.

So there you have it. Let me make this clear. We have no ambitions to because swimsuit models or get on the cover of any magazine. We really do just want to learn and try to get in better shape so that we can spur eachother on.

Did you want clarification about some of the pictures? I'll assume so (though it might be coming together for you now.

The first post with pictures was my 'Last supper' filled with some of my favourite crap. The cookies are a binge staple and the Burger King meal is a craving staple, even though I don't eat there more than every couple of months. Seeing as now I am (or will) be accountable to Dee for everything I put in my mouth, I thought I'd have a last horrah. No I do not plan on cutting everything 'yummy' out of my overall menu, I do hope to keep these things to a minimum while I acquire a taste for health. I love that Dee will be watching.

The staircase: obvious isn't it. This seems like a forever journey already because it's not about the next 3 months, it's about a lifetime of good choices.


So I hope this better explains my 'new' journey and I'm glad that y'all are enjoying the new addition of photos. This should be fun! (Can I just add that I uploaded these photos BY MYSELF, such an accomplishment for me!!!!)

Growing everyday,

Eva :)


Anonymous said...

I understand the bucket picture now in a little way... After some intense physical exercise this afternoon, I felt like I was going to be sick. Unfortunately the exercise wasn't really that intense, my husband was hardly sweating, but hey, baby steps, right? When I was 15, my family climbed a mountain and I was already out of shape then, because when I got to the top I was sick... Hadn't realized it was a normal thing for a body to go through though... Sorry for the graphic details, I just felt like sharing :)

S. said...

I'm excited for you two! Making being fit and healthy a priority is great. And when you think about it, the "costs" of not doing it far outweighs the price you'll be paying at the gym.