Saturday, February 6, 2010

My day ... simplified

Woke up.

Got distracted doing chores, finished washing the dishes before even taking the dogs out.

Did an interesting experiment while taking the dogs out (more on that later - of course who knows if I'm telling the truth as I tend to lie about such things).

Once inside continued to get distracted from every intended activity with other activities. Vacuumed the place.

Watched a show with Wally that he downloaded.

Dusted while watching a show Wally downloaded for me.

Finally got into the shower at 11:30am and got distracted while showering with scrubbing the grout between the tiles. Quickly realized I was wrinkled like a prune and I needed to stop.

Tried to finish getting ready but got distracted while in the bathroom and ended up cleaning the toilet, tub, shower and sink before actually completing my head preparation for the day (you know, hair and make up).

Went out with Wally to fulfill the reason for me working a 10 hour night awake shift earlier in the weak - the adoption of a Magic Bullet. During which time Wally was embarrassed to walk through the store with it in our cart and referred to ourselves as trailer trash for buying it. Clearly he didn't agree with my choice. Clearly I didn't care that he didn't agree.

Got home and ate 3 M & M cookies we bought at Wal-mart.

Checked my e-mail and did some work stuff.

Left to do some book research at the Christian book store.

Realized the Christian book store doesn't believe Catholics are Christians, but did find a little book on Lent and one on liturgical practices. Bought them both.

Realized I ran out of time and went straight to work.

Once at work had all 20 of my nails, fingers and toes, painted by one of the girls I support. Well, painted or glued. It was dollar store nail polish that was very thick and stringy, the kind you peel off in gobs, even hours after it's dried. It was a 'french' manicure in pink. It looks ... interesting.

Felt nauseous from the cookies I ate.

Had one moment in the evening when I was glad the knives weren't near the one girl I support. I'm sure if they had been she would've helped one find my heart. Literally speaking.

Got home. Ate a tiny bag of mini eggs. Had regrets, but didn't dwell on them since at this point I am wearing pants with elastic that also stretch.

And here I am.

What to do tomorrow?


Zoe said...

WHAT about a Magic Bullet is "trailer trashy"????? Those things are the bomb!!

Eva said...

tell me about it! I think it was the fact that it was sold on tv. Guess who the one was though that wanted to use it right away?


Anonymous said...

My husband bought me one for me for Christmas when we were first married. I have YET to use it (Or I think I did once but didn't have the lid on tight and I made a HUGE mess) but he loves it and uses it for everything! Drinks, gravy, you name it, he puts it in the bullet! Hehehe!
Must be a man thing. Hope you enjoy your new purchase though!