Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snicky Wicky

I am secretly doing this post and even whispering in my head. Wally and I went to bed a few minutes ago and I couldn't get to sleep right away (not normal for me) and he is currently in dreamland (not normal for him).

So I am being sneaky here. (A Scottish friend of ours always calls it being 'snicky wicky'. I think 'snicky' is like sneaky but with an accent. The first time I heard her say it I almost died laughing. Seriously, they called 911.)

I'm not real sure why I am on here, don't have any magic thoughts. In case you are worried, I am typing this while comfortably on THE wagon.

Maybe I'll give you a few of random thoughts as of late...

Today I was looking in the mirror at my naked body. I struggle with this. Not because I hate my naked body but because I don't.

While looking at my bod. I notice that I have boobs at this point in time. You see this changes with my weight fluctuations, duh. I decided perhaps I would have a funeral for them when I get down to my goal. Or maybe a small good bye party would be more appropriate.

As I begin to plan our 'Celebration of Life' party I have been talking to some friends. One of them started asking a bunch of questions like:'Do you have a budget? Have you booked a DJ? Will there be party favors?' I immediately shut her down and pretended that I wasn't going to have a party at all (in my head). What have I gotten myself into?

I have had a perpetual scratch to itch on my back for the past several weeks. Wally had Smoky Mama get me a back scratcher for Christmas only to find out that the only way to 'scratch my itch' is to do so by hand. Why is this?

Wally is tired of my back itch spot. Why is this?

I was dreading going into work Saturday because I was shadowing someone I had only met at a meeting once. She was very outgoing and kinda loud. I feared she'd be mean to me and that I'd hate her. Come to find out I may propose to her. Friendship I mean. I just love her.

The book I was telling you about is called: 'A Million Miles in a Thousand Years' by Donald Miller and Eva. Ok I lied. I didn't write it. But I did read it. (Well almost all of it - still putting off saying good bye).

I am so tired and realizing I should have taken off a bit more time before returning to full time work. I didn't though and I am thankful I love my new job.

Speaking of which, I thought about it today and realized how many blog posts I write in my head everyday regarding my work. I honestly think I could come home and easily write a post a day about my job. I learn sooooo much there and have so much to share. I wish I could share everything. Maybe sometime I try to at least share a few stories. I think you'd learn a lot too. You'd love the people... you'd just love them.

The real reason I am still awake is that I just got an e-mail from an old friend of mine from high school. We were in the same circle of friends. We weren't terribly close but our little group seemed to do everything together. We had a lot of fun. My friend and I lost touch. I invited her to THE party, that's when she e-mailed me. She just shared with me how she stumbled upon this blog a while ago and has read every entry. I just learned that e-mail is far more personal than I ever thought. I feel like she just reached out and gave me a hug. I heard her laugh in the e-mail - I love her laugh. I hope she can come to THE party.

Maybe ... if she comes ... I'll be able to give her a hug back and get to hear her laugh. That would be a great 'Celebrating Life' present.

Right now I have the world at my fingertips.

Thank you.

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