Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 6 of Stupidness to be renamed Successfullness

Yeah I'm trying to stay positive.

The ride on the wagon today was pleasurable. Comfortable and easy. Put my hand outside of the confines of the body of the wagon and felt the wind blow through my fingers. It felt freeing.

In other news ...

Apparently I could be the first person to die of the common cold and I'm the only one who knows this.

I learned today that I am not a fan of Enriche Iglesias. At all. Fingernails on a freakin' chalk board.

I'm convinced my nose ran away with the spoon and may never return.

I found out that there is good reason for warnings regarding drowsiness on cold and sinus medication. It was like my eyelids were in a weight lifting competition.

Sometimes I find the people I shadow with at work far more draining than the people I support .... sigh

I love having a 'connection' with someone - I got that today with someone new I am supporting, should be interesting.

I sent out several 'save the date' facebook notices (like 75) and have heard from only 5 people. Apparently I'm not the hippest act in town.

The 5 people that I have heard from are clearly the most important ones that will be there.

I guess I can't be honest about EVERYTHING on here because I just erased my last point.

I'm considering starting to carry a pen and notepad with me to remember my clever observations during the day. That's not too weird, is it? Maybe don't answer that one.

I love getting real e-mail. Seriously the sight of a number beside my 'inbox' gets me all excited. (In a completely ok way).

Did I mentioned that I finished my book the other night when I was up late? I already miss it. I feel like I need to write it a love letter.

I need to get reading another book (shhhhh ... don't tell the other one).

Tonight I plan to sleep throughout the night in it's entirety. I worked another 13 hour day and have a 10 hour day tomorrow, I am determined.

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