Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 2 of Stupidness

Was filled with little sleep as a scratchy throat found me and aching muscles settled in preventing me from waking up looking like ... heaven. Shocking I know.

Worked all day with a headache. Got a chuckle out of my new job.

This one lady who's name is Trudy but prefers to be called Bobbie called the lady I was 'shadowing' a witch. Apparently Bobbie has a sense of humour. When the lady she called a witch put cream on Bobbie's fingernails Bobbie then asked if I could put the cream on her toes because, Bobbie said, 'I love her'. Made me chuckle. I put the cream on her severely disfigured toes while Bobbie said sternly 'Do NOT tickle my feet!'. I secretly feared for my safety and halfheartedly tried not to tickle her feet. She laughed. I was relieved.

I came home exhausted. Wally ordered Panzerotti. I ate half mine along with half a cooler, followed by too much cookies and cream Breyers. Oops. Rubbed my butt from the fall I took (you know, off the wagon). Slept on and off through a Dateline (which by the way I LOVE). While Wally huffed and puffed in the other room saying he wouldn't come out while I was watching such a show.

I watched the entire two hours and then went to bed.

I also got an e-mail from one of my loser team mates, I actually mean my 'biggest loser' team mates, who invited us to do walking together. I instantly loved her. she doesn't know anyone either.

Maybe I'll run after the wagon and get agile enough to climb back on.

We'll see on Day 3.


Anonymous said...


Run Eva run!


Zoe said...

Still laughing! =0) And Wally, I DO have a lot of Very funny people in my life, thank you very much... =)