Sunday, January 3, 2010

21 Questions...

1. Who first discovered snow angels?

2. Why does 21 degrees Celsius seem too hot in the summer (in the house) and not quite warm enough (in the house) in the winter?

3. Why is it that some people seem to live to complain?

4. Why is it that I don't notice when I'm the one complaining?

5. Who made up the word 'teal' ?

6. Who made up words?

7. Why do I get so much joy out of watching my dogs leap through the deep snow and snag mouthfulls of it while they are in the middle of their walk, when neither one of those activities appeal to me?

8. Why is it we allow ourselves to miss old friends who are still alive and living in civilization? (I've heard of this great invention: the telephone)

9. Why is it that alcohol makes some people so much more tolerable and others so much more annoying?

10. How can I feel so sentimental about my family one minute and be ready to strangle the group of them the next?

11. Why don't we make our Christmas cards?

12. How is it possible for people to think it's 'ok' to mail me a Christmas card and not at least write my name at the top of the card - let alone not writing me a personal message? (The nerve!)

13. Why are there glasses for martini's and separate one's for Margarita's?

14. Why don't we reach out to other's more?

15. Why are there so many stinking calories in dip?

16. Why does it seem so crazy to people to throw a gigantic party for no reason?

17. Why doesn't everyone just 'click'?

18. Why do great ideas take so much perseverance to put into action and bad ideas seem so easy?

19. How do they make Ferraro Rochet - the chocolate(sp?)?

20. Why is gaining weight so much easier than losing it?

21. Why I am craving a hot dog with 'the works' right now when I've never had a hot dog with 'the works'?

Something unimportant to think about...


1 comment:

Zoe said...

All good questions - TOTALLY with you on the "Oh, is this Christmas card for Me, how was I supposed to know? and..How ARE you, anyway??"