Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adventure Day 28 Add on: #21 Accomplish another task I’ve been avoiding

I’ll keep this short and sweet. As I mentioned earlier I had this item listed also as #9 on my list as well, apparently I’ve been avoiding a lot to have it show up twice.

The second task I’ve been running from was to make my sis in law’s (Pumpkin) birthday present, which was a pair of Christmas pajama pants. I’ve had the material for a while now and have just not wanted to dive into the job – no profound reason, I just haven’t.

I can’t lie, I don’t really feel like I did this task in the spirit of ‘the list’ but I did do it none the less. You see it was Pumpkin’s birthday the following day and they had to be ready – oops! Procrastination had kicked in.

I would have to say leaving it to the weekend when I had Mini over wasn’t the greatest idea, since kids generally don’t want to share you with something else, as they shouldn’t really have to when you invite them over just to have fun. So, I had to wait until my little one had gone to sleep to delve into my project. Luckily that was around 8:30pm and I got right into things as soon as she was snoozin’. By 10pm the gift was ready for wrapping without incident (that’s shocking, considering a sewing machine was involved and I’m truly an amateur).

That’s it. Pretty boring eh? Some things are.

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