Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I’ll never understand…

Why some people wear their everyday clothes to the gym to work out in

Why I didn’t try relish and mustard on my hot dog before yesterday

Why my favourite songs on the radio always come on right as I’m coming into my driveway

Why poop is such a big part of my life now days

Why some people don’t just love me

Why people complain about grocery shopping

Why people complain about their job

Why I didn’t wash the windows a year ago (the world is so much clearer now)

Why there are starving people

Why there are non starving people

Why my internal clock never shuts itself off

Why I all of a sudden cannot fall asleep without being on my stomach

Why weather is the only thing people seem to know how to collectively talk about

Why religious people hate so much

Why I think I’m better than you

Why people say ‘why me?’

Why I never actually use all of the proper ingredients required in a recipe when I’m cooking – ever

Why people think they are so different from each other

How I can go the grocery store 3 times in two days and still be out of something

Why it’s so difficult to think of 5 friends to go out for a night on the town with

Why it matters if the 5 friends will like each other

Why going to mass seems intimidating to me

Why my earbuds play such an influential role in whether I go for a walk or not

Why this list never ends.

1 comment:

Wally said...

I'd like to know why your internal clock never shuts itself off as well.