Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few light and funnies

So I thought I would just write out a few conversations I shared this week with different people I met along the way.

The following statements were made within the past week by the one young gentleman I support:
“Eva, you look stunning today.”

“Why is your nose always red?”

“Your thighs are large” (Apparently this is quite the compliment since this fellow has a serious thigh fetish).

“You have a beard and a mustache, they’re blond.”

“So you don’t like to be touched eh? That’s too bad for your husband.” (This was stated after I told him not to touch me (he's rather affectionate), that it wasn’t appropriate and I didn’t like it.)

One day he was shooting hoops with his basketball in the driveway, only some of the shots turned into him whipping the ball and narrowly missing the neighbours’ brand new car. I asked him to tell me next time so I could ‘spot’ the car. He was very annoyed and said “Why are you so worried all of the time?!”

I asked him how he got to be so good at basketball and he replied in all seriousness: “The talent is just in me, like my dance moves.”

“Eva, Justin (another staff) thinks you have a funny personality.” (So I’m wondering, if it’s funny ha ha or funny odd). This guy wanted to clear up any uncertainty I had by his statement and said “He doesn’t think your hot, he just thinks your funny. He said that you are hilarious.”

Man on the elevator ...
I met a man on the elevator today that did not seem to act as though he lived here (perhaps his mother did, though he was old enough he could’ve as well). We conversed about the slowness of the elevator and stuff.
He finally looked at me and asked “Do you live here?”
I said “Yup”
To which he replied “Oh. You don’t seem to fit the age demographic for people that live here.”
I responded with “Oh really? How’d you guess that?”
He chuckled in disbelief.

Flowers ...
Today Wally brought me home a bouquet of flowers, the first in a very long time. I was touched and happily surprised. Later on I asked him where he went to buy them (since he wasn’t any later coming home). He didn’t say. I told him that I liked them very much , he smiled shyly and said “Well you told me once that carnations were one of your favourite and when I saw these I figured you would like them.”
I tried to stifle a giggle then replied “Carnations aren’t one of my favourite. Gerber Daisies are and I don’t mind a rose by itself, but carnations aren’t really one of my favourite.”
Then ensued another great debate that left me wondering WHO the person is that likes carnations so much. I love my Wally and I think he still loves me.


Zoe said...

LOVED these! The carnation bouquet conversation could have Totally happened to Doc and me! =)

Wally said...

At least I know the truth.